Four out of Five Dentists Surveyed….

11 May
Statistics, statistics, statistics… lord love a duck – they make you want to vomit don’t they?  Everyone has them – the guy selling cars, the guy selling burgers, the guy selling – you name it there’s a statistic for it.
And what good are they?  Well they aren’t.  I’ve lived by two bits of advice, the first was from my father who suggested an old – and somewhat out of date book called, "Statistics Don’t Lie – But Liars Use Statistics" … which has been upgraded recently into "How to Lie With Statistics" — almost as good but a bit more technical…
And the advice of my old High School Chemistry Teacher – a mathematics afficianado who once said, "If you want I can prove mathematically that pigs fly… " and then proceeded to do so on the chalk board.  His numbers were irrefutable… and yes… from this I learned that pigs do in fact, have the capacity to become aerial on their own efforts – and maintain that state.
So the next time you hear anything on the TV or the Radio – or lord forbid… the internet – and they back with numbers.  I would heartilly suggest you close the browser, turn off the tube, or adjust the dial.  You’re most certainly being lied to or misled – – because if the facts were truly that clear or that obvious … they wouldn’t need the numbers to back it up. 
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