On the Road to Shambalah…

27 May
Recently was doing some research on a few personal things… involving numerology, the number 23 and discordance… fate, destiny, which of course means I’m once again working on the Mildthing Chronicles.  🙂  I know… I know… what’s it about??  What bizareness has MT gotten into now?
Um… none.  What’s going on is by popular demand of a publisher… yeah those guys who actually publish books – – get them into your hands and so on… Mildthing’s gonna do a Pinochio and become a REAL boy … err… book.
So – it’s time to actually flesh the stories out and get them in presentable form.  First one is a personal favorite – "Trash Day in Shambalah".  So — doin a lot of work bringin the big bad boy from the big bad American Outback to the realm of the real.
As I’ve always said – every story is based in truths.  (Note I never said "true"… or even that they were based in "truth" — but "truths".)  "Truths" means eacn one of them is based on something that has actually happend or been documented in some form.  So — if I say some nut job discovered Mummies and Bhuddah in the Grand Canyon – I do have a source to back that up.  And I’m not talking the Weekly World News.  It’s a real account – well, as real as a reference document as I can find on the subject and I usually try to back it with more than one account – or at least more than one paranormal supposition.
Meaning … yeah there’s actual news paper articles over 100 years ago of a fellow claiming to be with the Smithsonian Institute who on an expediton into the Grand Canyon did in fact — claim all of those things. 
So — add a touch of that – a touch of the MT magic… and we play on the concept there’s a way of entering Shambalah in the Grand Canyon.  Which – btw – does tie in with many claims that there’s "portals" or "tunnels" that connect all of the planet to Shambalah.  So it’s not as far fetched as one might initially think.  We’re not digging into new territory here and that’s part of the fun of writing these stories is the researching of their weirdness.
Here’s a bit from one source… According to some lamas, "As the traveller draws near the kingdom, their directions become increasingly mystical and difficult to correlate with the physical world. At least one lama has written that the vagueness of these books is deliberate and intended to keep Shambhala concealed from the barbarians who will take over the world." This line being referred to is from the Prophecy of Shambhala.

 Now  any time someone has the balls to refer to the rest of the world as "barbarians" … well – it’s enough to get Mildthing going alone.  There’s always to me – been a certain level of arrogance represented in the presentation of eastern philosophy over the years.  We seem to see anyone of the eastern paranormic and philosophical circles as being these pure, calm, cleansed spiritually perfect beings – when in fact that’s the very opposite of what they truly are.  Being in balance does not mean the abscence of something it means the balance of things.

And therein lies much of the underlying story of Trashday.  The balance of our demons – and in some ways, the celebration and acceptance of our evils – and also of our weaker sides.

 I needed to tie MT to the spirit of a Woman in the story because it was the only way to show that the demons in him – are in many ways nothing compared to those in her.  That his weaknesses – were the compliment to hers – and that together – they are a whole.  By the same token – seperate – they are also a whole.  Merely two wholes seperate from what they are when they are together.

I guess for some this concept needed refinements so I’m going back to the drawing board and hammering out that again and again.  It’s becoming almost a penance for just letting the story flow out the first time without controlling it.  But I think it’ll be worth it.

I’ve been researching concepts which tie to those in the stories – and surprisingly – either through some kind of Jungian Synchronicity or Apophenic reasons – found them over and over.  Here’s another sample of actual writings and prophecies I’ve found…

Russian traveller Ferdinand Ossendowski said he noticed there were times in his Mongolian travels when men and beasts paused, silent and immobile, as though listening. The herds of horses, the sheep and cattle, stood fixed to attention or crouched close to the ground. The birds did not fly, and marmots did not run and the dogs did not bark. “Earth and sky ceased breathing. The wind did not blow and the sun did not move…. All living beings in fear were involuntarily thrown into prayer and waiting for their fate.”

“Thus it has always been,” explained an old Mongol shepherd and hunter, “whenever the King of the World in his subterranean palace prays and searches out the destiny of all peoples on the earth.” For in Agharta, he said, “live the invisible rulers of all pious people, the King of the World or Brahatma, who can speak with God as I speak with you, and his two assistants: Mahatma, knowing the purposes of future events, and Mahinga, ruling the causes of those events. He knows all the forces of the world and reads all the souls of mankind and the great book of their destiny.”

Okay … so it’s not a perfect match – but more research should reveal more detailed information – and I’m guessing that parallels will – due to the nature of this particular apophenicism – (love that word btw) – bring it all into focus.  And if it doesn’t I’ll just do a re-write until it does.  The fact is – the stories MUST have a basis on myths and reality or they’d really have no purpose to me.  A huge part of the Mildthing mythos is that these things DO happen to some people – and MT just happens to be "some people".

There’s an old staple of causality which is to say that once something impossible happens – and you know it can happen – the odds of it happening increase with each occurance.  It’s sometimes refered to as the Strong Law of Big Numbers… or Strong Law of Big Coincidences, which I’ve always thought made it sound like a childrens book when in fact it’s just math.  Well – MT is all about living in the big numbers.

Anyway … that’s the news for this week … havin hell and having fun…


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3 responses to “On the Road to Shambalah…

  1. Nicholas

    June 20, 2006 at 7:41 am

    So, does this mean that you yourself are going through a growth spirt spritually? Could this be a maturing of the mind to understand yourself? Perhaps everyone should try this, at least it beats floggin the dolphin at two in the morning to debbie does dallas to relieve some stress.
    I used to know you, and I still do, although I don’t. I guess that in itself is a maturing of life. People grow apart either by, physically moving around the world, meeting new people, having kids and families, getting bigger and better jobs, or perhaps just gaining new knowledge. However, it seems some questions grow old without ever being answered. Some can push their whole lives trying to resolve the demons that haunt them, and many live with them. Either way that is a choice that we all make in life. For better, or for worse.
    I would finish with some magnificant quote that ties the realm of the whole universe together, and even perhaps answers all of the questions we have, but that would just be to easy.
    Fuck it,
    "I think, therefore I am"

  2. Robert

    July 7, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    Actually Nick, I think I’ve been going through a spiritual growth phase for the last 40 years.  The creation of Mildthing came about as a kind of after thought – initially he was merely an extension of Bob and myself used to rant against the winds of higher forces.  Be it the condemnation of the hypocritical nature of love, life and the universe or the often sarcastic and somewhat snarky nature of whatever force the universe has that seems to be controlling the shots that places us in those positions where difficult choices have to be made, and often at the expense of our own hubris. ("The Postman Shoots Twice")
    He evolved from there into an almost comical and often heroic figure who crammed himself into toxic waste bins to sneak into Area 51 – without considering that being in one for several hours would cause his muscles to cramp and leave him stranded inside – to die, only to be saved by the very creature he’s come there to kill. ("One for the Road").  It’s always been an ongoing theme for MT to consider all the angles… except the one that fate choses to use to toss a monkey wrench into things.
    And over the years – it was that very "the glass is half full – the glass is half empty" flip of fates coin that punctuated our lives.  For every insane or improbable situation Bob and I have ever gotten into – there was usually a logical reason we got there – and beyond our control that forced us to be the kind of decent folk we never wanted to be.  In reality, we’re far darker and our hatred quite deeper than many of you may ever want to see.  It comes from being jaded, and hurt by life and forced to take personal, physical and emotional trials we’ve never asked for or wanted to take — but were forced to take anyway.  ("One Night In Diego", "Devil’s got explainin", "Anger Management", "Hot Potato Salad", "Belle of the Earth", "30 Days Hath November".)
    Eventually, he wanted nothing more to do with the world – another reference to both Bob and I, and our desire to let the sleeping wolves lie in our lives – the flotsam and jetsam of lives which were driven not by our own destiny but by that of the outside world and fate itself.  So he moved to end it all in the Yukon ("For the Puppies") but even then was denied.  And so, in being denied being able to become hermits ("The Sound of One Shoe Falling"), or end our miserable existence ("Tiajuanna looked so good", "Banana Peels and Footwear") – err – his own miserable … Mildthing was left with a single option which was to accept his role in the universe, discover it – and that’s where were at today … with stories like Shambalah.
    The continuous growth of Mildthing spiritually is a big part of that.  He’s a unique figure in that he fully realises he does actually have a role to play in the cogs and gears of the universe – he always has known this.  He simply doesn’t want to be a cog that sits there and spins at the behest of other cogs and wheels.  He wants to be the cog that, when it stops working – the whole machine shuts down until he decides it’s time to go.  It’s one thing to view yourself that way – it’s completely another… to discover that it’s true.  One is a kind of vain egocentricity, the other is to discover your relative importance not to your own universe, but to those around you – and the responsiblity that places on you whether you want it or not.
    When a person goes missing from the universe, it affects so much.  The ripples from that inactivity, or the lack of ripples, cause a stillness in the lives of so many.  As it happens when a new pebble is tossed into the pond of life.  The sun rises, sets, with us or without us to be sure.  The universe goes it’s merry way regardless of any mortals presence or lack there of, but it does so by moving around, moving over, or morving through the space that mortal took within it, and in doing so it changes us all.
    We’ve looked at a lot of those aspects with Mildthing in the past, but we’ll be looking at what happens when there’s not a subtraction to the flow of the universe – but also the effects of additions to it.
    Spiritually?  Mildthings always been spiritual.  He’s the left toe of God, the right arm of Destiny, and this kind of a birthmark on the left thigh of Fate.

  3. Robert

    July 7, 2006 at 6:38 pm


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