What kind of fool am I?

21 Jul
There are, if memory serves correctly three kinds of fool in this world.  There’s the kind that is a fool of birth right.  They are ignorant of most things, generally harmless and if observed carefully have much that we can learn from their simplicity.
The second kind is abhorent to me, they are fools by laziness and fear.  They are fools made by their environs, of which they have learned to accept and endorse, and are due to xenophobia, afraid to become anything other than ignorant savages who, in the words of Robert Heinlein, have managed to learn simple math and not make a mess on the carpet.  When given an alternative – some of these, will choose to enlighten themselves and make something of their lives, but they are few and far between.
The third kind of fool is reserved for a special place in hell.  They know they’re fools.  And they are fools by choice and would have it no other way.  They mistake faith in the universe or a higher power, for wisdom, and are intractable in their common beliefs even when they are not only proven wrong – but when they accept being wrong – acknowledge their being in the wrong, and still – insist they are not in a manner which defies all scope and manner of logic.
In this world, we may never know which type of fool we are until it is too late.  But we can be sure of one thing – we are all fools at some time or another, and we will be judged by our foolishness.  If not by some higher power then by the universe itself – a fate to me far more terrifying than that of some Godlike being.  Because the universe is harsh, unforgiving, and often – lacking in a sense of humor regarding stupidity. 
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