Modus Ponens

28 Jul
One of the things that can be annoying in working in a place where almost everyone has an IQ in the genius range – is that you’re working in a place where almost everyone has an IQ in the genius range … and they feel the need to remind you that they have an IQ in the genius range.
Now, I’m not saying the people around here are impressed with themselves – actually they’re remarkably humble.  But one of the problems that they run into, is the need to constantly "dumb down" their statements for others in the room.  Eventually, this becomes second nature, a refliexive action.  They don’t see themselves as geniuses who look down on the rest of the world – they’re just so used to explaining everything in little words to everyone that after a while, everyone becomes well, everyone.
Now mind you – much as I hate to admit it, I do actually have an IQ in the area of 170, and that does technically make me a genius despite the fact that I’m still very much a guy from the American Outback where it’s more common to know how to bend the frame on a Willy’s Jeep than to bend photons and electrons into usuable data.  So yeah, being treated like a kid on the short bus who’s wandered into the wrong room is a bit insulting.  But deep down inside – I have something most of these brilliant minds don’t.  Age and experience.
Enough to know that I literally have forgotten more than a lot of these people will ever know about some topics.  I can say that with no ego, because I also know that most of the stuff I’ve forgotten is of dubious value with all the changes in technology that have been made.  But – it’s the point that I’m fully comfortable in my aged knowledge that allows me to know that one day – they’ll be the old man on the other side of the table looking distractedly toward the fresh young mind speaking to them in small words.
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