Don’t Worry … Be Happy…

30 Jul

Here’s a fun one — some guy’s created a map of places in the world that are happy and provided a scale for it.  Now what gets my goat about this is … NONE of the world powers are in the top 20.

First Ever World Map of Happiness Produced from
A University of Leicester psychologist has produced the first ever ‘world map of happiness.’ []


In fact the USA scored lower than Bhutan in happiness.  Which makes you wonder – now mind you, we scored 23rd – and Russia scored 163 – so in the scale of things, it could be worse.  Even still, there’s apparently a few thoughts 1) You don’t have to have money to be happy.  2) You don’t have to have shelter to be happy.  3) You don’t have to have food to be happy – – or at least that’s what it seems this report bears out.  And there’s no actual correlation between having a lack of money, lack of shelter and lack of food – I’m just trying to figure out what nations like Brunei and Bhutan – which have traditionally had issues with 3rd worldliness… have in common with Denmark, Sweden, Canada,, and so on.


An interesting couple of things I’ve noted – apparently the whole "happiness" thing is largely an opinion from the people of that country and not based on a whole lot of replicatable factors.  Meaning – if you’re happy you’re happy and there’s nothing other than being happy that’s going to make you happy or unhappy.  Now – that’s MY take on the reportl.  It’s pretty unscientific, and it obviously is flawed by a non-euro sociological view (another gripe I had with the report is that for some reason when Europeans do these reports – their nations are happier, when Asian’s do’em their nations are happier, when American’s… you get the picture.  Obviously NO bias out there right?).


Anyway, it’s worth a perusal… have an … um… be happy.

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