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02 Aug
In a blantant display of commercialism… I gotta talk about my new phone.  Motorola Q.  Now, if you know me you know that I’ve waited for Moto to get off their butt and get me something that’s Windows compatible for a cellphone to replace my beloved MPX 200.
A lot of people told me "get a 220 it’s a good phone…".  Sorry, was not good enough.  Besides, no way in HELL was I gonna fork over what I paid for the 200 to get basically an updated ROM and some stupid phone tricks.  I wanted something along the lines of a Treo – with the new Windows Mobile software.  I whined about the way that Moto teased us with the MPX … that incredibly COOOL phone in Japan that never got here.  You know the one – the one with the dual hinge that flipped open both ways, had the keyboard, had all of it? 
Well the Q is not the MPX.  Sadly for some reason (guessing the cost factor) that phone will never truly see the light of day … but the Q is – *sheds a tear of joy* – close enough for me.  Has it all.  In fact – the only thing it’s missing is a screen cover, which for active people like me would be nice but hey – not a deal breaker y’know?
Let’s cover what it does have…
  1. Nice big screen – lots’o pixels and more that quality enough for TV over the web.
  2. Keyboard.  YES!  Finally a phone keyboard that I can use and that allows me access to all the keys!  Beats the hell out of the blackberry’s and the treo’s I’ve tried in that the size seems to fit my fingers better.  But that could (probably is) just me – anyway, fits my hands better and it’s in a very user accessible location.
  3. Windows Mobile – big hurrah here!  I’ve been using this with a couple flavors of Windows Vista at work and let me tell you, the combination is seemless.  No searching for directories – no complicated other software – in fact, I’ve never installed the factory software that came with the phone.  Vista does all that with the new Windows Mobile. 
  4. Internet.  Yeah, almost every new cell does internet… sorry but I’ve had web access on my cell since before it was generally available.  My resume was WAP enabled for gods sake… this is more like browsing the web on your connection at home.  Good network – great browser – and it’s a much better experience.
  5. Camera – I never thought I’d really be into the whole cellcam thing.  But it’s become so handy it’s scary.  That whole click, check it over – select "Send to Space" and it’s on the Blog – it’s definitely going to be annoying for you guys.  And – the video from it is pretty cool as well.  And did I mention the flash is actually powerful enough to double as a flash light?  Yeah – it’s not some cheesey "Flash" flash – it’s a damn spot light when used in the wrong hands – and mine are definitely the wrong hands.
  6. Bluetooth.  Yet another common feature I’m now coming off the "dunno if I’ll ever use it" fence on.  With so many others having it – it’s a defacto method of transport.  But – was really glad to see they haven’t dropped Infrared beaming.  I’ll probably have to hack it out – but used to have a great bit of code to turn your cell phone into a universal remote control for TVs and such.
  7. Mini-SD holds 1 GB of music, pics, whatever.  Need to grab one of these asap…
  8. Stereo Sound – and a real speaker phone.  Both very useful.

All in all … a great group of cell phoney goodness from Moto.  I may forgive them yet… and the price is EXTREMELY good right now.  Here’s a link to get one… (yeah, a shameless plug to Amazon tossed in here as well – told you I was goin all Gordon-Gecko-Comercialism on ya!)

Click on down at the bottom in the lists… under MotoQ.  😉

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