Finally – the truth revealed!

03 Aug
Probably the most difficult question I get is "What do you do for a living?".  Recently – they did a segment on part of my team and what we do for the Internet Channel 9 TV for MSDN.  Claus, does a great job of explaining not only what we do – but also, a couple of the tools I work with like LocStudio – which is being developed by the team I’m on.
Very cool stuff happening here in our shop.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know it’s dull an dry computerese on the video but let me break it down to simple stuff for you.  In the building I work – it’s a lot like being in the cafeteria of the U.N. – we have around 30 nationalities that I’ve been able to discern in my building.  At any minute you can walk by an office where they’re speaking English, Chinese, Spanish all at the same time – and no one would blink.
We actually "touch" every thing that MS does in some way.  From places like this ( to MSN, to Windows (Vista, Longhorn) desktop, server, exchange, SQL server, XBox, MS Games, devices … you name it – we probably deal with it somewhere in this building at some point in it’s life cycle – often through all levels of it’s life cycle.
We recently did a bit of number crunching – and as of the upcoming relase thanks to our tools and your input – we’ll be able to provide computer accessibility to almost a billion people around the world.  Enabling them to do their jobs – and in some cases, do things with computers they’ve never done before.  That’s pretty cool – to know what you do literally does impact everyone on the planet.  And it’s a bit scary too.
I think once I got down the scope and the breadth of my job around here – – there was a fear I’d break something.  Let’s face it – you don’t want to put on your resume "2006 – I’m the guy who broke Windows".  Just not a good thing y’know?
So … anyway… I’m a Program Manager, meaning I drive the creation of certain features (functions or components) in Windows and our other tools.  Specifically, I’m currently working on Recycling (which … has nothing to do with the Recycle Bin) – part of which is the reuse or recreation of terms, strings, code, documents and so on – in an efficient and best practices manner.  Also – a dull and boring but accurate description of my current job – which could be pizzaz’d a bit.  Basically – I could explain my job to you … but it’d take an hour… so here’s Claus doing it …
Clck on the vid in the link below to check it out…

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