God’s Parenting Skills

11 Aug
They had a man on the radio this morning who has been doing a lot of work with self-replicating robotics and making robots that are autonomous.  Which is pretty cool – okay so they don’t "do" much and in their current form are about as practical as a can of Pringles at Susan Powter’s house … but they’re still Geek Cool and the guy was harmless.  So they started taking calls from people and – I saw this coming but was hoping it wouldn’t happen — some guy gets on and says in this kind of Vincent Price way "Aren’t we playing God here?".
And this just set me off – since I was driving – I could not call in but let me tell you I was one pin shy of being a happy handgrenade y’know??  Now I don’t mind anyone with religious beliefs I really don’t.  You can be Christian, Bhuddist, Muslim, Jewish, heck you can worship Mohombolo Jojoba in the jungles of New Guinea for all I care … that’s good with me.  Everyone has a right to have a belief system that makes them happy.  But where in the name of all that’s holy do people get off with questions like that?
Okay – let’s take this and run with it.  Let’s say — We Are Playing God.  What in the name of all the saints and all the sinners who ever watched bad Science Fiction … does that have to do with ANYTHING?  Is it a Sin… to play God?  Find me – anywhere… in the Bible where playing God – is a bad thing.  Sure it says you should not blaspheme God.  Says you need to respect God.  Says you need to Honor him and Worship him… no where … does it say, "Do not play God." and I will put money on that – if anyone wishes to challenge me.
God – is a parent.  And like all parents – his kids from time to time like to pretend they are just like their parents.  My kids have had imaginary offices, my kids have gone to meetings and allllll kinds of playing to be like me.  In part – that’s how we make our children good and useful and productive members of society – is by allowing them to immitate us.  That’s called being a good Parent.  Now… are you saying God is a suck parent?
Are you telling me – that God, as a parent – does not look down on his children, see their accomplishments and go – "Hey  — My Kid Did That!".  He sees us – and he says to the Angels … " You remember how Small Pox was just causing all kinds of hell down there?  See that?  That cure – MY KIDS … did that.  Cured allll them people.  Saw their Ol’Man do a few Miracles – heal a few people – damn if they didn’t go out and find one on their own.  Ain’t they a chip off the old block?".   Or are is God supposed to be some kind of neglectful never there for his kids parent that has no clue what we’re up to … and he kicks back and does nothing while his kids blow up the universe.
Which is it?  Which God are we talking about here – because MY God – has the brains and the power to say, "Hey, if the kids get out of hand – I can take away the crayons at anytime.  Don’t worry about it – they’re learning.  Gotta learn to be responsible.", encourages his kids – heck even helps them out from time to time and guides’em in the right direction.  That … is a good parent.  He’s not doing the work for us – he’s making us earn what we learn, and yet he’s still there enough to keep us in the right direction.
So the next time you hear someone – or you yourself are tempted to ask the question, "Are we playing God?".  You should stop and ask yourself … Why Are We NOT Playing God?  In every single thing we do.  Why do we not try to be like the people we’re praying to?  Hmmm… do we not have faith in them?  Do we not believe their way is the right way to believe?  Because if that’s the case… then you’re not being much of a child – and frankly – you need a time out.
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