Windows Live Writer – :-)

14 Aug

Hey – new tool just got tossed out to the lions den of the general populace to be checked out.  It’s a beta – but all in all I’m really impressed with it.  It’s for bloggin – yeah, yeah, I know almost no one out there’s doin that.  🙂    Well – think of it as a kind of "FrontPage" for Weblogs.  No longer do you need to know HTML to put pictures of the family cat or your office into your blog and make them look sleek an professional … just pic your pic, adjust the size, shape and general location.  And what you see here – is what you get there … pretty cool stuff huh?

Tons of other cool features come with it including mapping features (need to show the world where your favorite Mtn Pass is?)  Fun stuff and best of all – a

Cloud Peak, Wyoming

built in spell checker and the ability to work offline.  ‘-)  Which if you’re like me – you can write this up at Midnight … and proof it and send it out when you get free time at the office.

And for those who might cricketsize it comin from MS, the tool works with blogs as well.  In fact – I’ll be using it to replace most of my tools out there and may finally get a good handle on my blogs with this… which would be a miracle.

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Posted by on August 14, 2006 in Computers and Internet


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