Did Cheney Go Too Far?

16 Aug

Link to Did Cheney Go Too Far? – Saw this title and just started laughing.  I mean, come on people think about it – when has Dick NOT gone too far?  Dick has two speeds – Machiavellian and Rabid Rottweiller.  Either way, this is not a guy who has ever colored within the lines of reason.  For those that think I’m pickin on Dick – let me say this… were I in a football game, or a soccer game, or on Wall Street – would love to have Dick on my team, he’d be an invaluable asset. 

Were I in combat, REAL combat – not strategy sessions and so on – but the real McCoy with bullets coming at me … this is the last guy I would give a gun to and say "Cover Me".  Why?  Because Dick does not know the meaning of the word subtle.  He is not a surgical instrument.  Dick is – a bomb.  You toss him into things to shake them up and destroy whatever is in your path.  You do not use someone with his outlook and personality style – for anything that requires careful planning or finesse.  The guy just does not have it in him.  He’s a light bulb – he’s either all on – or he’s all off.  Yer either With him – or You’re Agin him… you’re friend or your foe – but there’s nothing in between.

That doesn’t mean Dick’s evil.  At least no more so than a pit bull or a attack dog or any other creature with power to harm and maim – that has two settings.  It’s pure raw Binary logic – and it’s what’s divided the nation politically.   Republicans see themselves as "Right" … not just in their political leanings but in all aspects having a fundamentalist mentality, which is also very binary.  "I am a good person", so logic follows that "Since I am a republican and I am a good person – and I make good decisions – that Dick Cheney is a republican so he makes good decisions.  If Dick Cheney makes good decisions they are the right decisions."  — Pretty simple logic flow.   It also means that if Dick Cheney makes a boneheaded statement … that "you" by proxy have made a boneheaded statement.  Only… that can’t be true.  After all, you’re "right".  You’re a good person.  So therefore – the statement Dick Cheney made cannot be boneheaded because if it’s true… then you are boneheaded.  Hence the problem with trying to reason with a fundamentalist conservative view … it can’t be wrong because if the view is wrong – then you’re wrong.  "Error – Error – Danger Will Robinson – Danger – Danger!!" comes to mind, robotic, cold and incapable of accepting it’s own failings binary logic is swift.  But it’s seldom true logic.  It’s a coin flip with one side of the coin weighted – neither fair, or balanced. 

Now – has Dick Cheney gone too far?  Depends — if you’re into Binary logic – the answer is either yes… or no.


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2 responses to “Did Cheney Go Too Far?

  1. Duwain

    August 19, 2006 at 6:13 am

    Anyone who’s got any common sense knows Cheyney’s not quite right. However living in Wyoming, some of us have to be careful what we say. Otherwise the men in the white coats with the needles come to take our foil hats away… I think someones at the door…

  2. Robert

    August 29, 2006 at 6:25 pm

    Men in White coats?  With needles?  Removing Foil Hats?  Nah… Suede coats – maybe leather … but White?  Wouldn’t last 10 seconds between the blowing dirt and the flaying greed of the out of state oil companies up there. 


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