30 Days Hath November

21 Aug

Although work is going – well – well for the most part, had the chance to go back and review some stories I’ve been prepping.   30 Days Hath November for technical reasons is getting an overhaul… pretty much a complete retooling.

The concept of losing ones mind (literally) is being kept, and with the time released mind bomb ideal.  But research and a desire to keep it simple has provided me with a better mechanism.  Has to do with how memory works and some reported uses of memory wiping experiments from the 50s and 60s the government used.  Was not aware just how effective hypnotic suggestions implanted could be and that’s lead to some really great concepts.

Here’s a bit of a teaser – apparently it’s more than possible (and very possible it’s been done) to implant pre-hypnotic suggestion throughout a series of messages, completely innocuous and harmless that lead up to a full blown trance and suggestion the victim is completely unaware of.  The idea that November would purposely cause himself and others amnesia in this manner is not only a possiblity but (knowing the character) highly likely.  Let’s face it – Mildthing would never willingly – even from a friend allow his mind to be wiped, he’d kill the person first.

So, a clue here to anyone thinking about this – is – how many times has Mikey wiped his friends memory without him knowing?  Obviously, this isn’t the first time he’s done this.  Mikey plays god all the time with people – it’s his arrogance, and in the end it’s his undoing. 

Using his body’s own muscle memory as a storage mechanism – may seem like a stretch but is actually quite doable as well, essentially programming his body to repeat certain actions over and over through the very mechanism used to cause the amnesia in the first place, allowing him to experience years of time, in a few minutes.  It’s a stretch but yes, someone could in theory do it.  Remember – he’s not storing an entire memory – just a code that he taps out when he’s nervous that’s used to unlock his memories stored in the photos.  A Photograph, has massive storage capacity and a holograpic image has (to us) a relatively infinite storage space.

Using blackwidow venom to facilitate retriving memories is not only feasible but it’s scientifically accurate.  The venom of a black widow causes a condition known as Latrodectism.  We’re talking extreme muscle spasms, nausea, and in general the worst aches and pains in your muscles you’ve seen.  The reason the emergency room would not merely treat them with antivenom is that it actually can cause more deaths than it would save – and morphine or opiates are generally used to treat the symptoms until your body overcomes the poison naturally.

What the venom would do – is cause excessive amounts of acetycholine relase, which causes spasms – it does this by bumping up the connections between nuerons not only in the brain but in muscles as well, and yes – it might work possibly for treating things like Alzhiemers.

Remember – this is November, who realizes his body and mind have not been his own for years – he knows full well he’s intentionally caused himself to forget entire portions of his own life.  It’s the repeated abuse of this hypnotic amnesia, that’s causing his short term memory to fry out, and very likely, going to kill him within the month.  He has to figure out what portion of his programming has this flaw – remember it – and fix it – before it causes him to wind up in a coma.

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