Live From Pax 2006

26 Aug
Words cannot describe the insanity and the mayhem – the carnage going on around me…
Here’s the highlights…
  • >> Yes we were subjected to a light show while Journey, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson hits played… the infamous "Gabes Playlist".  900 hard core gamers all in one room who slowly began to realize that OMG … this … was not a "fluke". 

    The hilarity of the situation as such music as "The Gambler" played and people held their Nintendo DS units up like bic lighters was unmistakeable.

  • Shaun – proposed on stage!  Hardly a dry eye in the house as his fiancee suddenly came to the conclusion the doors were blocked – and saying "No" would cause the crowd to turn ugly.  (Actually it was pretty touching – I’ll put the video up when I get time.)
  • Tycho & Gabe announced they were going to create their own game.  (Game industry news … and be sure to check out the next comic which deals with the issue of what happens when the gaming industry’s most die hard critics… make their own game.)
I still have my Caffiene T-Shirt for CuppaJo and with luck I’ll hook up with her tomorrow and give a live update then…
Now… where’s my controller??
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