Questioning Fruit Pies…

29 Aug

So I’m on the phone the other day with Mildthing and we’re talking "AfterDark" – aka – "Coast-to-Coast AM" – aka – "The Art Bell Show".  And don’t give me any nonsense about George Noory or Whitless Strieber… it’s still the Art Bell show and it always will be.

And we (MT an myself) are discussing the lack of screening on anyone or anything on the show these days.  In the old days Art would occasionally call someone on what was obviously bull or delusional nut quackery … but not anymore.

Here’s a few examples … "Time Travelers" and "Mental Abductees".  Now, in one case the dude has the cajones to get on national radio and say he gets "abducted" when he goes to sleep at night… and returned every morning.  Dude… this is NOT an abduction – it’s bad freakin Pizza and you don’t deserve an hour of national radio to tell us about your subconscious fantasies involving anal probes okay??

And the "Time Travelers" who brag about their research appearing in respected news papers and magazines around the globe, but are shut out by the American press.   Clue… Pravda – is the only news paper on the planet – that the Weekly World News will not quote because let’s face it – it’s a joke source.  That’s pretty low.  The National Enquirer, has a better record for accurate reporting and not making up their stories than Pravda for gods sake!

What happened to good conspiracy theory radio?  Jeff Rense?  I’ll give Jeff some props – he at least occasionally will post a fraud or hoax as such on his web site.  But the dudes gone all "Mid East Conflict" on us.  I can actually get more news "news" and current events from Rense – than I can from USA Today.  So there’s nothing there on the topics I want to know more about.

The unique, the bizarre, the unexplained, were once actually areas of speculation.  Now – they’re relegated to old episodes of the X-Files and crackpots that no one will question no matter how obviously full of crap they are.  Yet real phenomenon – go ignored, unaddressed, unexplained … while we’re stuck with the Morton-Howes, Streibers, guys like Hoagland, and David Eickes and the like to keep us chasing our tails on things even a moron can see are at best idiocy theories proposed by those wanting to see something where there isn’t and / or at worst – snake (or reptoid) oil salesman.

Don’t flame me – I’m just calling it like I see it.  Someone needs to get on the air – and put an end to this nonsense and when someone calls in and says, "I’m a Time Traveler" call them on it … "Okay, can you give me tomorrows Lotto numbers?  How about the weather for the next six months?  A copy of the New York Times with you making bunny ears behind Truman as he holds the paper of Dewey Winning??".

Point being – you get me to tune into a radio I want a host who is not afraid to call a bullshit artist for what they are.  There’s legitimate people out there – and they’ve got some great stuff.  Occasionally it’s good to have a good skeptic on to see what kind of evidence is needed to get even a bit of agreement from their side of things.

We don’t have that.  We’ve gone to the dogs – or in this case – the Pravda’s of the air.  Maybe MT an I will do what we joked about and start up a podcast or a live Internet radio show – let’s face it … eventually  – the time comes when you just have to take the Aldebrainian by the antenna if you want a job done right.

And just to prove… that I’m not all talk on this… there’s photo in my photos section.  There’s no duping on it – there’s no Photoshop no alterations what so ever to it …


 Larger Version of this Image

Take a look at it … I actually snapped this with my cell phone on the way home from work a few weeks back and didn’t see the object in the sky until later that night when I uploaded the photo to my computer to write about how lousy the traffic had been.  Now I know I never saw anything – and I’ve tried to reproduce this a dozen times.  So whatever was flying by – was doing so at pretty incredible speed.

I’ll add that the original is about twice the size of the larger version here – and is very clear – in fact, the only thing really blurred is the blurry object above the traffic. Clear enough you can make out the beak of the crow on the lampost – and yes, I have ruled out the crack in the windshield causing a reflection (as well as the obvious globs of tree sap).  I’ll be honest – I would dearly love – to have this be a UFO.  But I’d rather have someone tear it apart and prove me wrong … or better yet – prove me right.

I have my theories – and I’m not willing to scream "UFO" just yet.  But I can tell you that I do live near both civilian and military facilities.  I’d love to have someone debunk this for me – since – heck – I have no clue what it is.  What I can tell you is – it’s better than 90% of what passes for radio evidence and 85% of what passes for evidence on the Internet.  Just my 2 cents…

For my money the only Para-anythings out there that do it even close to right, are SciFi channels Ghost Hunters – "TAPS". 

I gotta go … I need to talk to Mildthing about gettin a Internet radio station goin… the truth is out there… and someone needs to point at it and say, "Dude… you need to take a chill pill while we sort this out…".

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