Talking about Irwin exploited animals, critic says – Asia-Pacific –

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Irwin exploited animals, critic says – Asia-Pacific –

Let’s cut to the crud… Germaine Greer has made a career out of being critical of almost anything and anyone that wasn’t her.  She’s made a point of every cultural phenomena – being something she’s "Saddened", "Shocked", "Embarassed" about – and the fact is – she really isn’t much of an author on her own.   Her only – ONLY – works of merit are those which feature attacks … err, ‘critiques’ of society or culture – and always about the exploitive natures of those phenomena, and the saddest irony is that she herself merely rides on the coat tails of these phenomena, exploiting them.

Her initial work of value, "The Female Eunuch" had merit in 1971.  It involved issues which she herself knew of personally and could expound on with authority and knowledge.  That was 1971.  The Womens Movement has come a long way baby and if she was still concerned about such issues – her other works haven’t displayed it.  She trumped Eunuch with a bad comedy TV show.  From there she pretty much toured the world speaking about her book and successfully managed to get arrested in New Zealand for using a few choice words (the F-Bomb and Bullshit).  Neither of which really had much place in the speech aside from their shock value – and in doing so she got another 5 minutes of fame for that.

Her next big career move – was at Newman College, where she successfully "outed" a fellow colleague as a Trans-Sexual.  She prevented the fellowship of someone based on the grounds they’d been born a man – and recieved a gender alteration later in life.

After several years of relative shock situations designed to improve her career – and lack luster book sales for her literary works – she then appears on "Celebrity Big Brother" and walked after 5 days because of the dirt of the house, bullying by her peers and the producers… and then decided that all Reality TV shows were evil … even though she herself was jumping at the trough of cash and another 5 minutes of fame like the parasite she was.

For heaven’s sake – she blasted Tolkeins Lord of the Rings and anyone who enjoyed the movies.  Before that it was Reality TV, before that it was Soccer, and before that whatever arena the media is currently looking at.   She is – a feminist – and at that she’s very good.  But with the world no longer giving her the notereity she once enjoyed she’s become an embarassment herself.

She locates a cultural attraction – attacks it – and then sucks the oozing wounds she generates for whatever press that comes from her statements.  She’s not a author – she’s a leech, and not the variety used to treat ailments but the kind that latch on to something and cause as much infection as they do good through their toxic and putrid slime.

There’s an old saying – those that can … do.  Those that can’t do … teach.  And those that can’t do either become critics.  Which is all she is.  Someone who is neither capable of generating a cultural phenomena in her own right, nor educating people upon them – and, like all carion feeders – she hops from corpse to corpse covering her face in their gore and screaching that the kill is hers.

Like all social parasites – she should be treated by reducing all contact with the parasite – and a thorough cleansing of the contaminated area to prevent disease and or infection.  In other words – turn her off, and ignore her rude, untimely and unseemly words.  Her fifteen minutes of fame expired years ago – and she’s been suckling off the fame of everything and everyone else ever since.  Put a fork in her – she’s done.

The Croc man – has done more to bring the world closer, save the various animals of this planet, and show that man and nature both have places and roles and can live and survive.  That the resposibility of preserving the wildlife and nature of the planet are essential to us all, than Greer’s works will ever accomplish on their best day.  In fact, one could say that  the real world not the dysotopian disfunctional vision Greer suggests in her works, the REAL WORLD would benefit – not from her parasitical attachment to every issue, phenomena, and craze that comes along – but to her shutting the hell up and doing something useful instead of merely being a mouth peice of the moment.

If Greer is so concerned about the decadence of our minds by culture … perhaps she should consider writing a book worth reading, that becomes a cultural phenomena worthy of us listening to her opinon as something other than a washed up hack.

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