Lotso Weirdness In the World…

07 Sep

Wow…  turn your back on reality for a few weeks and there’s this massssssive backlog of weirdness out there just waiting to be shared with everyone.

But before I get to the weird wonders of the world – I’d like to clear up a few things about some of my comments about Germaine Greer in my previous blog.  First of all – I’m not against her work as a feminist at all.  I do question it’s sincerity in light of her works since Eunuch and her inclination to provoke media and latch on to cultural events to draw not attention to her cause so much as it seems to be towards her … lead me to question her sincerity in that regard.   As for personal animosity toward the woman?  Pffft… please.  I’ve never met her – and from what I’ve seen don’t really plan on going out of my way to do so. 

And lastly… regarding her distasteful display of crassness regarding Steve Irwins untimely death … should she – for any reason leave this world, I would, I am sure be sorry for it.  I have yet to see anyone who did not bring something to this world – some by coming – others by going… Upon her passing, I, like Mark Twain, will probably not attend her funeral – but will be certain to send a nice letter expressing my sincere approval of it.

Now – enough said of bad news… let’s move on to the important things in life….

Let’s start off in China… where Judges are maybe… being replaced by Machines.  The judges will now have computer software which allows them to have a ‘second opinion’ on how the law should be handed out – advising them on decisions.  This is largely "aimed at ensuring standardized decisions and addressing common complaints that China’s judges are ill-trained, corrupt and make arbitrary rulings.".  Which just goes to show you – China is finally becoming a Democratic Society.  Perhaps next they’ll be able to have one party control both their executive and their duly elected local leadership – that can be simialrly accused of being ill-educated, corrupt indviduals, that detain political prisoners in secret locations, without charges, torture them for information and refuse to release them on the grounds … "It’s for their own safety we keep them here." …  such as our own democracy here in the United States.  Oh, wait… they have that already – and they’re calling it Communism. (Remind me again – who won the cold war??  I’m a little fuzzy on that one.)  The upside to all of this – is that perhaps maybe OUR legal system can someday use their software.

Scientists have come closer to true stupidity errr… invisibility again…  according to a Paper published in the New Journal of Physics, there are now several theoretical devices capable of producing the ultimate illusion — no, not the one where Republican Party Leadership isn’t led around by the nose by Corporation and Cartels of whoever has the most mega-bucks … but that of invisibility.  In true Scientific fashion they’ve made their announcements of such Theoretical devices … only 3-4 years after inventors around the globe have had working models of these theoretical devices – in some cases already produced and sold to consumers and military.  Way to go guys… perhaps with some luck, you’ll be able to get a 5 year grant to write a paper on moving these Theoretical Devices to working models and out to military and consumers eventually — say, like the ones that are already working and out there. 

C’mon people — I realise everything needs to be studied – and that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface — and I’m sure this paper has merit and is worthy of publication.  But for Dogs Sake!!  Get a PR person or something before you announce stuff like this – yer embarassing yourselves here!  It just sounds bad when you "Announce" something we’ve all known about for 4 years!  It’d be like Spain suddenly issuing a press release that "Spanish Funded Expeditions Have Discovered A New Set Of Previously Undiscovered Continents".  (Don’t put it past Spain to do that either – it’s been a pretty slow couple centuries for them.)

… more to come….

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