The problem with Global Perspectives…

13 Sep
Is that there aren’t any.  Really.  No such beast.  It’s a nice term but like a lot of buzz terms – it’s meaningless dribble.  Unless you were born in orbit and your entire existence depends on virtually everyone on the planet to see to your survival and theirs on your survival – you don’t have a global perspective.  You might have a multi-national perspective, or even a globally conscious perspective … but you don’t have a global perspective.
Perspectives come about when you can see things from alternative views.  I grew up in my early years in fairly good sized cities.  I moved to Wyoming, where the tallest item out there for 90 miles was the odd radio tower.  I traveled a bit – all over the USA, a few other places, and spent more time in the Rockies, I then came here, to the Pac-Norwest, and work in someplace that often feels akin to the U.N. – although I’m not sure the UN is this well represented by other cultures.  My perspective – regardless of my locale – regardless of my current surroundings will always be based out of my experiences.  The majority of which – are biased by my very limited encounters with the various cultures out there.  I’ve known people from every continent – with the exception perhaps of Antarctica, and I do not have – what I would consider a global perspective.  I’d love to say that having encountered a multiplicity of cultures that would have given me one by now, and it’s certainly my goal, but I’m not there yet – and probably never will.
I will never understand the complexities of life in Hong Kong, or London, or Dubai, or Capetown, or Sao Palo … no matter how much I try to fit into my brothers shoes – – my feet will never fit them.  Nor would theirs fit in mine.  I could, move there and adapt – but as anyone who has ever worked on a car will tell you – adapting a part is not the same as having the original.   I’m not that smart.  I’d love to say this is due to some kind of humility on my part but the fact is … I just ain’t that smart, and there’s a wisdom that comes from being a part of a culture you can’t get from ‘experiencing’ a culture.  None of us will ever have the kind of wisdom it takes – to over come this.  The only problem this causes – is when someone decides they are that smart. 
When they say they can ‘understand’ a culture.  What is needed in this world, is an acceptance of other cultures that allows us to treat them with the dignity and the respect we expect to be given to us.  When a level of cultural equality is reached by accepting our differences and using those differences to augment our own weaknesses – then we all grow stronger for it.  That’s not a Global Perspective, it’s an individual enlightenment – and when our leaders feel as comfortable bragging about their ability to become enlightened, their ability to be humbled by their faults and rejoice in the efforts processed by working together with people as different and diverse from them as possible – then we have something to put in an advertisement.
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