When Justice isn’t just blind – it’s Greedy…

21 Sep


From the MSNBC Article:

Woman jailed months over $705 fine freed – Crime & Punishment –

Anyone here an old movie fan?  Remember "Cool Hand Luke"?  Paul Newman?  Remember the stories of chain gangs?  How about the concept of slavery? 

Now mind you, if some coke head gets busted that’s fine with me.  Heck – she’s an adult she knows the law – that sentence probably was not half as long as it should have been.  But along with most of our other civil liberties that make America what it’s supposed to be (regardless of the constant assault on the constitution which a lot of the so called "conservatives" who believe in protecting it – but seem to take constant bliss in editing it so it’s "more in keeping with the times" which is paraoxical enough that even Schrodinger’s cat won’t touch that litter box of logic) it is – a document that protects the citizens of the country and keeps us from becoming just another pretty dictatorship.

Think about what happened to this woman … think about it carefully.  From the time I was little – there was one thing you always could know for sure about our legal system.  You can’t go to jail just for being poor. 

Let’s face it – a ton of our greatest people, role models, heroes, captains of industry – started out poor.  In fact, one can go so far as to say you really can’t "live the American dream" unless at some time – you’ve been poor.  Because in order to "rise up to the greatest heights" you have to start from the lowly streets.  The lessons we’ve learned over and over and over tell us that the salt of the earth – the lowliest – are often those with the most wisdom and compassion.  The most willing to give, the most honest, in fact – they’re the "common folk" of which we support the backbone of our culture.

But now – it appears the legal system has discovered a new use for those who would fall victim to a legal system that can actually convert anyone who does not have the ability to pay their fine … into endentured servants, slaves to the system.  50 years ago – this would have been illegal.  25 years ago this would have been illegal.  10 years ago this would have been illegal.

But now – it’s apparently the wave of the future.  A brave new world – that only the likes of George Orwell or Nico Machiavelli could have imagined.

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