12 Oct

Wonderin about the name change?  I bet.  For a lot of you it’ll be confusing – but since I’ve had 4 blogs going and only update some of them about as regularly as a geriatric dyspeptic ant … it seemed a waste of electrons.

In consolidating the themes of them I started breaking it down into which I seemed to use the most for what… so …

Novembers Notes – is still business, anger at the world and ravings of a semi-professional nature (including the Mildthing books) and non-work related professional stuff… With the occasional business minded bit of code there for those interested in such things.

Hotel Echo (What you’re reading now) – is for personal observations, personal "me" stuff, personal / friends an all that and ravings of a personal outlook, and cool things I think the world should know about.  An exception to this – will of course be the addition of a "Code" Category to provide those interested with some scripts or code they need to make things simple and explain how it works.

Secret Life of Taxis – is for anything game related… and if you have to figure out what that is – you obviously have not gotten the memo yet.  And there I’ll probably include some stuff there for the PHP add-on for CoH I was writing a while back based on the DAoC add-on that was out there for PHP-Nuke forums.  Depends on time.

And internally – my blog there is … well you can’t see it so what do I care?

If anything else comes to mind… well – I’ll see what I can do.  Which begs the obvious question "Why not put everything in one place and use categories?".

A) I have more than one distinct written personality and viewpoint.  There are things I’ll say here, on a personal basis that are speculation, rumor, have more to do with friends/family that the rest of the world would care less about than say, if I write something about my former employer (IBM) – which I want to be clear that I’m using my journalistic or editorial ranting voice rather than my personal voice… make sense?  Didn’t think so – but it’s the best answer you’re going to get.  I want to keep my secret identities separate.

B) Internet real-estate is hard to come by.  I’ve had a number of issues with the name "Mike November" – including meeting someone who’s birth name was Michael November.  (Very cool dude by the way – and for whom I gave up my AOL IM Id – cause even though I had it first… it IS his name.)  In another case – had a guy with a Florida Radio station tell me I was infringing on his copyright – – until I sent him docs showing I’d had the name publicly since 1983.  I’ve got the name Mike November on these blogspots because it’s my pen name – I’ve had it forever – and unless you can legally prove a right to it … I ain’t givin it over to you.  I’m not Squatting … I got there first, it IS my pen-name and I’ve had it for a long time and don’t intend on giving it up.

C) I am now officially addicted to Windows Live Writer.  Until now managing these blogs was a pain in the arse … now I can do it easily on my lunch break.  I can suddenly manage all of them with ease.  So there… I get to play with a toy – and update my stuff.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

pbbbbtttt!!! smile_tongue

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