Sci-Fi prevents Sci-Fry

20 Oct

Space… the final frontier… to boldly go where no man has gone before… and up until now, where we probably would not be going for a very long time.  One of the long time problems with long term (read that as long distance) space travel for humans has been the unseen enemy.

Space seems dark and empty but it’s actually filled with so much radiation it can cook a chicken… err… astronaut.  Short term stuff like to the moon?  Not a problem, it’s not like it’ll cook you like a microwave.  It takes a while for it to really do damage.  But you probably wouldn’t want to try a trip to Mars any time soon – odds are, you might be okay – but the fact is we really don’t know for sure and the numbers lend us to believe it’s a serious problem.

Or at least until now.  Scientists (gotta love those guys – they do all that sciency "stuff") have developed basically a cloaking device.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – we ask for radiation shields and they give us another military weapon enhancer I know, I know… well from one – you get the other.

Its a really wonderful system that essentially makes you invisible to all kinds of radar and wavelength based energy signatures by creating a kind of force field around the object that causes it to be so slippery it’s essentially invisible to everything but light – and that may be the next step.  What’s cool is that in addition to this cool "Romulan Cloaking Device" – it also causes regular radiation to slip around the object leaving it unaffected.

Plain language?  The radiation slides around you – never coming into contact with the ship.  Slap a few hundered thousand of these babies on a ship and the reality of boldly going where no man has gone before becomes a few steps closer.

Read more about it here…

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