Bruce has it – Do you?

11 Jan

I’m probably late to the party with this – but … it is without a doubt the greatest commercial ever made.

We’re not talking good – this is the one that will be sent around offices for the next 5 months.  It has virtually everything needed for it to become the next major viral effort out there – and I am sooooo glad to see they got Bruce for it.  Because… let’s face it… Bruce IS it.

But then… Bruce has always had it.  Let’s face it – this is the man who invented it.  The man who was born with it – and because of it – he will never die.  It defines him – and in a way, he defines it

Those of us who have it – have always know this about that – and we know that because we have it.  See, you can have all the this and that – and still never have it.  Bruce has it.  I have it.  Do you?  You’ll know it,  if you have it.

That’s is how Old Spice needs to play this – because – let’s face it … Once people know they have it  they’ll do everything they can to show they have it  just to prove they have it — which is kind of funny because if you have to prove you have it  – then you ain’t got it. 

But then … Bruce knew it would work this – when he did it…  which is why we have it. 

Consider it.  Ponder it.  Think about it.   

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