Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

17 Feb

You might have missed this blurb in the news about the Quantum Computer.  Now for what, 3 years I’ve been saying… "Someone’s gonna build a quantum computer and then computing will really take off…".

This is not that moment in time.  What it is – is a wake up call, an announcement, the sound of a starters pistol announcing that the race is officially on.  What’s important about the DWAVE announcement is that they have funding.  People are actually interested in putting up money – for their product.  It’s technical merits can be debated – and will be over the weeks and months to come.  But every player in the Quantum computing field, while they’re issuing their challenges to this accomplishment… will be redoubling and tripling their own efforts.  And every fringe investor will be looking to increase their potential profit by finding, and funding other quantum computing initiatives.

In the end – this is the model which will generate the true quantum computers.  This is the system which will fund fractal,  holographic and other experiemental storage and retrieval systems.  (::sighs rolls eyes:: no, I’m not nuts to place holography and fractal storage systems together, they’re a natural direction especailly when one considers the current studies going on in refraction of semiconductor and dielectric crystals, possibly even in stable and unstable liquids as a medium for storage of holographic data — sheesh, am I the only one that read Scientific American these last two years???).

Now… getting back to the point – Dwave’s mark in the history books may be alongside the Altair – a computer we’ve all long since forgotten (unless you’re Bill Gates who probably gets up every morning and thanks the powers cosmic for it’s creation).  The point Dwave has made is – there’s a market and even if the technology isn’t what it should be… neither was the Altair, neither was the 8086 processors with their spooky 8 mhz processors.  That was a few meager years ago.  I doubt anyone who uses Vista today, would consider MS-DOS 2.11 a viable operating system compared with today.

This was the shot that will be heard around the computer industry for years to come.  The computer revoloution isn’t over – it’s merely gone into overdrive.  As the production of newer and more accurately placed processors and systems of a quantum design come along we’ll see advances in storage, networks (anyone catch the recent request for use of all those old TV signal airwaves being abandoned for HD TV to be used to create a newer more powerful high speed computer network this week also?  Nah, you probably missed that too.).

Truth is… the race has been going on.  But now, it’ll be personal.  IBM is never going to allow anyone to move into it’s much beloved SuperComputer Action without a fight.  Dwave’s announcement will be an emabarassment – they’ve been so busy trying to solve the end problem they didn’t consider what Dwave already has – no one cares if it’s a true quantum computer.  Using enough quantum technology to meld it with todays technology and produce results way above anything we’ve seen or know … is enough for most users.  That’s a black eye they won’t soon forget.  The efforts to return a positive tangible result for them will become an imperitive – and they’re not alone.

Any University, Research Center, Goverment Agency working on this problem – will suddenly need to rethink their priorities if they plan to get into the game.  Software manufacturers – who until now had only considered this a "future possible" not worth the expenditure to bank on, will at least have to put some modest improvements into developing an OS for these systems.

Let’s face it – the Linux community will be pushing Microsoft and every other OS manufacturer much harder.  They have the opensource geek squad to hack day and night  The Quantum Desktop – will be the desktop of the future.  Gentlemen … start … your engines.

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