When Heroes Die…

08 Mar

I considered titling this "A very special November’s Notes…" (for those who don’t get the reference … click it) … not because I have any more to contribute to American society than anyone else who had strong feelings about the whole Death of Captain America thing. 

Okay you’re living in a rock cave somewhere in Idaho… Captain America, Steve Rodgers, the only hero to survive WWII – stand for human rights, and the rights of the average Joe, etc., is dead.  He didn’t die valiantly, he died from a snipers bullet – a wanted criminal – hand cuffed headed for trial for his (our) beliefs of freedom – on the courthouse steps shot first by his enemies, and then finally killed by his closets friend mislead in a ambulance – bled to death.

He didn’t die in battle.  He didn’t die charging into a room full of bullets with the flag flying bravely behind him.  He didn’t die a comic book death.  He died an American death.  Perhaps the Washington post put it best…

"Steve Rogers and the mythical mid-century America — its front porches, decency and good manners — are dead."

What does that mean?  Does it really impact any of us?  Let’s see what the rest of the world had to say… like most issues of this nature – if you really want to have an opinion on this – you need to read to get the depth…





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