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22 Mar

Been too busy to really keep people updated of late – but here’s the latest and greatest info out there that you might actually have an interest in:

EU Worries that MS continues to gain market share…
Lets see if I follow this logic… Microsoft worries the EU commission because in spite of the fines, the forcing of them to give up their source code to competitors — people are still buying Microsoft product??  At what point do the EU commission catch on that the decision to purchase software for business use is based on whether it can do the job effectively for that business??  By their own admission – they began their investigation when MS had around 30% of the server share.  Now it’s a decade later, fines, controls, etc., and they’re mad because with all of those protections for the OpenSource and Linux community out there instead of falling over and dying Microsoft has 75% of the market share.  In essence what the EU is saying is – "Microsoft is a concern.  Despite our best efforts they’re still alive." … okay, so that’s unfair and I’m putting words into their mouths, but that is the way I’m reading it.

XBox Live Accounts were not hacked…
Well not in the sense that the accounts physical database or the XBox live system was hacked.  This was social engineering.  Essentially – there’s a ton of people out there that gave up their account info or had account info so easy to guess that people got access from outside (social engineering) Xbox live.  Sigh… how many times do I have to explain this to people?  If someone you don’t know asks you where you live, and if you leave your door unlocked – if you have a dog – you’d tell them to go to hell right?  So why do you let people you don’t know find out info about your computer that way?

India continues to invest in Aliens & IBM…
Let me just ask the question on everyones mind… "How the hell do we keep losing IT Jobs to these people?  And Why Does IBM Keep Dropping Money Into India??". 

No – Really.  I mean you can’t swing a paper in India without a story about Aliens creating technology – Aliens terrorizing villages – Aliens answer help desk calls.  They’ve become the journalistic equivalent of Pravda of for all of Asia.  You see stories in the papers coming out of there and you have to wonder if the people are not suffering from some sort of dimentia – or possibly that most of the trailer parks across the American Redneck wastelands have been mystically shipped to India to make up their populace.  It’s surreal at best.   Yet we keep dropping IT dollars down there.  I can’t believe that half the people in the country aren’t abducted by now – how in the hell can Dell possibly keep their support lines manned?  Arrrrggghhh!!!

Mind you, I got nothing against the country – or even it’s IT people – but they need to take and en masse find these news papers that are makin their country look like morons and do a whole Frankenstien angry villagers mob and drive these people out of business.  The death of western civilization was the day the National Enquirer actually broke a real story and no one noticed.  There’s a lesson there for you – take heed!!

Symantec on Windows Security: Surprise, Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS
So all you Linux fanboys out there – and Mac lovers… take heed – Symantec is not MS’s best friend in the security business and when they come out and place us above LINUX – and say, "when it comes to widely-used operating systems, Microsoft is doing better overall than its leading commercial competitors"… it’s time to officially acknowledge it. 

Let’s see what Symantec said:

"Windows had the fewest number of patches and the shortest average patch development time of the five operating systems it monitored in the last six months of 2006."

Red Hat Linux:
"Red Hat Linux was the next-best performer, requiring an average of 58 days to address a total of 208 vulnerabilities. However, this was a significant increase in both problems and fix time over the first half of 2006, when there were 42 vulnerabilities in Red Hat and the average turnaround was 13 days."

Mac OS X:
"Despite the latest TV ads ridiculing the security in Vista with a Matrix-like Agent playing the UAC in Vista, Apple has nothing to brag about. Symantec found 43 vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and a 66 day turnaround on fixes."


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