Goin To Tahiti and Gettin My Office In Order…

24 Mar

We (and when I say "we" I mean the guys at work – Microsoft)   got a new toy out there for collaboration.  It’s called "Code Name Tahiti" and although I’m not usually one for such tools this one has some promise where others out there have failed.

First off – this is not "Netmeeting 4.0" or a peer-to-peer file sharing app.  It may look like it but that’s not really where I think it’s best off being placed in the work tool bench.  "Okay" you say, "What good is it to me?".  Ever worked with a group of people on a project?  Ever need to put together something, demo something, show it off?

Sure Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public Small Business out there can do all of that – but for many the process was really – well, let’s be honest… 90% of the small businesses I’ve worked with out there have never done that.  It’s not that they didn’t have a need but the technology to do it was really a pain in the arse until now.   But if you’re already a MS OfficeLive customer – you now have yet another free toy to drop into your arsenal that allows you to play with the big boys.

If you don’t know about Office Live – and you have a small business – then you seriously need to check it out.  It’s well worth the price of FREE and then some… and it’s one of the only web based (yeah that’s right you don’t need anything but your web browser) tools out there (IMHO) that allows for really growing your business globally – on a shoe string – and giving it the kind of professional level organization tools you really want.   I’ve got one for my personal space – and as a former freelance pro-web designer and project manager – well it’s got almost everything needed to run a real small business.

Employee Management, Web Management, Project Management, Collaboration and even accounting.  Now, with Tahiti you can add another cannon to the deck to really open fire on projects and running a small business, managing your school work, or just keeping track of the projects that make life hell (4-H, Soccer/Football/Hockey) Little Leagues, anything you need to collaborate or put out info to groups – Office Live is a great tool. 

And if you need to get a group of people together to work on a single project, discussion, presentation – Tahiti makes a great way to do that also.

So check it out.

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