Taking Shots w The Green Arrow

01 Apr

Took the man child down to the Emerald City Comic Con (web site needs some pro advice) .  Now – the coolest part was not seeing Margot Kidder (which was cool), or Chewbaca (Peter Mayhew – Who actually DOES look like his Alter-ego which is pretty bizare).  It was not seeing most of the cast of Farscape (Lani Tapu btw – is actually a damn fine artist in his own right was actually tempted to pick up a few of his peices), or Wayne, or Gigi (who even without the make up and push up bras – – is in real life just as fun as her alterego Chiana, maybe even more hyperkinetic even!)

The cool part of the day was not chattin up what Randy Emberlin’s been up to – btw – anyone in the Portland area should be signing up for his classes if you’re in his area.  The Dude’s a heck of a teacher – not just of comics but has a unique ability to actually reach you as a student.  Which is a really cool thing. 

The cool part was not hangin and trading barbs with Gabe & Tycho of Penny Arcade fame and talkin about PAX (totally open plug there) and their Upcoming Game "Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness" (damn – how many plugs for these two can I possibly put into ONE sentence?).  Always cool seein the dastardly duo of gaming ‘toons.

But the real high point was talkin to the real Green Arrow.  Now, there’s been a lot of artists for the Green Arrow over the years.  But there’s only been ONE Green Arrow – and that’s Mike Grell. 

What most people don’t know about Grell – is that he – in real life is almost as good an archer as GA hisself, uses a long bow (as well as a sword) and has Fresian horses on his ranch in Washington state.  Hearing him talk about archery shoot offs (yes he really can draw, knoc and fire, multiple arrows) against SCA grand masters.  Grells tales are almost – to be honest – better than his art work and thats saying something. 

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