Ready, Set, Boost…

18 Apr

Like everyone… I likes me some speed.  And unfortunately, like everyone I also likes me some software.  Lots of it – you name it – I probably have it loaded.  For the desktop – not a big problem when I start to hit the wall of "Dang this PC is overloaded with crud!", you just add a bit of RAM and we’re back up to "Go Speed Racer!" Mode.

For the laptop… you have to start looking at stuff you want to unload.  😦 

Well if you’re running Vista – you do have an added option.  Ready Boost. 

Ready Boost basically uses USB Flash or SD Memory as a zippy boost to your performance.  Now, it’s not likely to really juice things up much but any cache intensive operations you’re likely to see a good boost.

Not all USB Flash or SD Flash are Ready boost compatible so make sure you look for "Ready Boost" compatibility when you go to buy it.

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Posted by on April 18, 2007 in Computer and Internet


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