Fight the Xfiles future

05 May
No one really accepted the ending of the X-files. You couldn’t. To do so was not to accept an ending but to accept a bad ending. The Lone Gunmen were dead. Sculley was now a willing participant of a fantastic reality with no question or drive to find answers. Mulder was semi-psychotic and semi-lucid in his knowledge of the dark mysterious future. The Cancerman was dead and more strings dangled than a strippers pasties.  It was not an ending – it was Chris Carter’s personal vendetta against his own fans, perhaps for our failing to support his other attempts at shows around that time.  What I do know is they are now talking about an X-Files movie – – a sequel to the ill-recieved first film.  Which would be like making a sequel to "Charles In Charge", and all I have to say about that is "Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something…". 

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2 responses to “Fight the Xfiles future

  1. Federica

    May 5, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    Travelling in blog’s world I falled here! My english is quite horrible, so I said to you in italian: saluti dall’Italiaaa!

  2. Robert

    May 6, 2007 at 8:10 am

    :-)  It’s a brave new world my friend… don’t think you can fail when traveling blog’s.  Always good to see a new face.  Yours is most welcome.  (And your english is just fine.  ;-))


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