Sanctuary For All: The Death of Network Entertainment

19 May

You guys know about Sanctuary for All right?  You should.  If you don’t here’s a quick bullet list to get you up to speed…


  • Internet based TV Show
  • Network Quality (Higher actually it’s HD)
  • Name Actors (Amanda Tapping and a lot of the Stargate crew)
  • Pro-Production Crews (Exec producers from Atlantis, SG1, and other Pros)
  • No fee episodes (Low-Res)
  • Paid by user subscriptions ($1.99 per episode for HD and download capabilities)
  • Interface features include screen-shot, and email to friends
  • No commercials
  • Driven by fans input

    Check out the first Episode below
    (It’s okay … Low Res versions of the show are… free!)

In short – Network television just got it’s walking papers and it’s not smart enough to know it yet.  Granted, this is V1 of the "new Internet" everyone keeps talking about … but even as a V1 effort – if Television and the Entertainment media haven’t caught on that they just got knocked down on the entertainment food chain they should.

This is where entertainment is heading – and we all need to get used to it.

I’m not talking about 17 minute Sci-Fi shows with plot problems and heavy CGI effects, the scripts, the plots and the acting will improve – that’s a given.  And were I to give a review of episode one – I’d have to say it’s got promise but it’s not there yet.  It piqued my curiosity and I’ll download the second webisode when it’s ready…

Which, btw – and this is going out to the producers — 17 min is a bad cut off point if you’re going to develop a shows plot slowly… give us a full 23 minutes, increase the action, increase the useful plot points (make sure if there’s a ‘cool’ shot there’s a purpose for it that advances the story in a useful way) or people will get bored quickly.

What I’m talking about … is a TV series that answers only to it’s fans, is not paid for by advertising, is shot on a shoestring where the $$ go to the company, actors and crew – and encourage them to good work based on direct feedback from the fans (in the form of – both tacit direct communication – and fiscal reward) without buffering from Studios or Advertisers or Marketing… it’s as close to a Theatre production in your living room as you’re going to get.  It’s a movie – that you – as a fan – get input on.

Anyone remember when WB let Buffy go?  Then Killed Angel at the height of it’s popularity over what ammounted to politics?  Those issues have been around for decades.  Whether you loved it hated it or shutter in fear at it’s mentioning – – it’s a fact that when Hee-Haw was canceled – it had the highest ratings of any show on TV.  Why was it canceled?  Not because it sucked (we just WISH that was the reason in retrospect) – but because Advertisers were very clear… sure it’s popular, but the people who watch it won’t buy our … Cars, Lip Gloss, whatever.

When it comes down to it – you have no control over what you watch on TV.  Even on Cable – to various extents you’re choices are controlled by media outlets dominated by advertisers or media moguls.  Until now.  Several years ago this very media experience was predicted when websites like iFilm and others existed as the soul web ‘entertainment’ experience.  At that time the Hollywood Moguls and the Network Executives were quoted as saying "It will never become a serious media until someone puts out some quality production values…".  Guess what guys?  The game just got serious.

THIS is the Internet Entertainment that people like Bill Gates have been telling us is coming… it’s not coming anymore… it’s here.

And with a little luck – for those of us who

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