By the light of the silvery … web app?

07 Jun

Adoption to Silverlight’s progressing faster than I thought it would frankly (See link image below).  Glad to see it – just surprised there hasn’t been a roar amongst the Flash zombies out there.  Don’t get me wrong – you know I loves me some flash … most if not all my websites of acclaim out there that everyone comments on – were in flash – heck – all my resumes – were in flash… until Adobe. 

Once again – not a bash on Adobe – just that to be honest, once Adobe took over Macromedia – the product took a decided turn for the worse (IMHO) when it came to making a great development/designer experience and ActionScript as a language went from an easy to use experience to … in some cases a cryptically enabled monstrosity from the lower depths of hell.  (Yeah, yeah, I know… don’t hold back – tell everyone how I really feel… right?  Well – that’s how I really feel.)

What’s remarkable  – to me anyway – is that I had no idea that other developers felt the same way I did in the flash community.  The programming end of it – that it was cumbersome, lacking and held me back.  The main reason the last two resumes on line I did I left Flash and used Javascript and CSS was for this reason.  I could get similar results, and it took me less time to do it, and was accessible globally … something that – for a time there was annoying as Mac Users repeatedly complained to me about my Flash sites. 

I’ll always have a love for Flash – but I’m learning Silverlight … which if you’re more of a designer than a developer you need to know right up front… regardless of the hype, Silverlight is not going to get you away from coding, but it will make it easier to code it, and 10 times easier to debug, and a stellar magnitude easier if you’re looking at Web 2.0 app’s (once again … IMHO – sheesh – put the flaming emails down and back away from them slowly – it’s an opinion okay?).

Anyway … for them what wants more on Silverlight


Posted by on June 7, 2007 in Code For Fun


2 responses to “By the light of the silvery … web app?

  1. Duwain

    June 13, 2007 at 8:31 pm

    how would one learn about this "silverlight" that you speak of?

  2. Robert

    July 1, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    you can learn more about via the links… Silverlight (aka WPF/e has a rather large dev coomunity at (not surprisingly) Alot of new communities springing up all over the web.


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