Not Me….

11 Aug


Carl-robert-jakobson  For those… who do not know… the guy on the left is Carl Robert Jakobson.  He’s a relatively famous guy.  I’m not him.  I can’t help you with your papers on my works because… they’re not my works.  So … good luck to you and I hope all goes well on your philosophy and communications classes.


The guy on the right… is ME.  ph125a You can tell it’s me because the guy looks pissed off and exhausted.  Yup.  Me.  I can help you with your papers on communications involving somethings – the internet – computers – alien conspiracy theories – proper summoning rituals used by 15th century Shaman and a lot of other stuff I’ll make up and TELL YOU that it’s true… but fact is… the guy up top… is the guy you want.  He died in 1882 in Estonia, so … good luck with trying to get any money out of him if he owes it to you, and any help on your papers.


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2 responses to “Not Me….

  1. Duwain

    August 13, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    At least they don’t think you’re a deceased, retired air force officer affiliated with emerging radar technology circa. 1940…

  2. Robert

    September 13, 2007 at 9:08 am

     True… sad part is after doing a bit of searching in Geneology records… I actually am related to him.  And his 3rd Cousin – Roman Jakobson.  Just once …it would be nice to not be beaten out on Google listings by someone who was .. alive.


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