Roses for Mr. Rafferty Gets Visual

09 Sep

imageWork continues on Volume 4 of the Mildthing Chronicles and I’m tossing up some shots from the story "Flowers for Mr. Rafferty", the tale of the kindest immortal you’d ever know.   And the last guy you ever want to pull a gun on.  Yeah, I know – classic tale of Boy Meets imageCenturies Old Undead Immortal Guy… has to help him find lost love… learns the value of life in the process. 

Predictability… yup yup yup… put it all right out there in the open where everyone can see it  – that’s my motto  🙂    Anyway, the families been giving me hell about doing most of the visuals for this myself but I’m finding it theraputic.  They see to be under the mistaken impression that I just write – and then the magic book fairy comes down out of the sky and makes the rest of the details just… "happen".   As a result of going back to work on my writing to clear my own head … I’m apparently a right bastard to everyone around the house prone to making snarling and beasty type noises of all manner.

For anyone else out there who beliieves in the book fairy, sod off your idiots.  When and if I become Warren Ellis, you’ll find I will still do a lot of my own storyboarding, and if possible the graphics themselves.  There’s a kind of I dunno… like a calming thing that comes along with doing your own graphics.  It’s like wood working or any kind of craft. 

imageAnd there is the ego of it – the pride you get from doing it all yourself.  So anyone wondering what’s taking so long with this project – keep in mind – I’m doing the initial graphics myself.  imageI’ll probably have the finals done by Jenni or a more skilled artist than myself, this takes too long for me to do this on a practical basis, but for advanced storyboarding – its worth it to me.   I get to see the results I want before final publishing so it’s pretty exciting for me to. 

Soon as this one is done I’m going to give "Shades of Gray" – the original Mildthing Story the same treatment.  Oddly enough they do seem to play better in a graphic novel format.

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