White Noise… Internet Talk Radio & Comic Books

17 Sep

I’ve got so many projects and so many irons in the fire this month that all seemingly overlay it’s not funny.  Seems like the one taking up the most time and passion is the one for the Kings Row Taxi Service.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I loves the Taxis.  I have never been one to get involved in games and as a general rule consider online gaming to be a form of crack.  So for me to be a part of an online gaming community is just not normal.  But the Taxis are now and have always been the exception to the rule.  Here was a group of people I clicked with and enjoyed hanging with.  So to see my former Supergroup fall into disrepair was particularly rough.  Hence my desire to get some tools out there to help them.

To help them out, I wanted to do some new and unique stuff.  This is including a new silverlight interface for their website, cleaning up the website, an online comic and some other stuff.  Here’s a sample from comic I’m working on for them. 

 And… at the same time… I’m also looking at new technology.  One of which is Internet talk radio.

If you’ve ever had a desire to have your own talkshow, head on over to and set up a profile.

I’m quietly trying to set up a blog talk show for Mildthing and I and the experience is very interesting. 

You start as you would with most blogs, creating a profile.

From there you set up your blogtalk space and create segments,  which will provide you with a call-in number to call in to the show and run it from a web interface.


image The blog segments are a format thing – which is nice because if you’re serious at all about this just getting on – and blowing off steam isn’t going to create a good experience.  It would be the equivalent of walking down Times Square or Hollywood Boulevard and listening to the turrets driven rants of passers by.

Who wants that?  Well I guess for some people … but frankly I have better ways to waste my time on line than listening to someone discussing the way their dog eats treats from the table.  I’m just not that lonely.

Before you do a radio show… decide what you’re going to have for a format – will it be all talk?  Will it be music, videos, what will it really be about.  Then write that down – and you have an agenda.  Put in time slots for people to call-in and have their say on things… and make sure you have something to talk about that stays on topic for when no one calls in.  Let’s face it – this isn’t radio where there’s people just scanning the channels looking for something or someone to listen to. 

imageIf you want listeners – you need to get out there do some promo work for your show – and get people involved.  Get them to call in, and keep them talking.  If you can’t get people – then have enough stuff stored up either in topics or in pre-recorded clips (which you can upload before hand), and fill up your time.  

If you don’t do that then you just need to accept the fact you’re generating white noise.  The world needs more white noise like it needs another hole in it’s head.  But those of us who really want to say something or have something we feel needs to be said, should definitely check this out.  One use I can see – is that I’m seriously considering having Supergroup meetings via this cool technology.  At least it’s something I’m investigating.

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