Say Goodbye to Little Jo…

01 May

Had that song stuck in my head for the last few days.  Which… although I must confess enjoying Steve Forbert and the Jack Rabbit Slim album, I find suddenly having a song from 1979 that no one else even remembers replaying over and over inside my head a bad thing.  It’s  like a warning alarm that mentally speaking there is a part of me that’s saying I should spend some "me" time with "Me" … get retrospective… collect my history… dig back to my roots… examine where I’ve been and where I’m going with life.  In short… I’m having very Non-Novembrer feelings. 

Now, I like the past as much as anyone.  Without a past a man has no future – blah, blah, blah.  I  just … find the process of self-reflection a bit disconcerting.  I’m not usually one for nostalgia and the trends to dig into the road that got me where I am today is generally a windy-twisty thing looking not unlike pasta that’s been through a spin cycle and tossed at a wall at 120 mph.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Theres only so many times you can watch a guy dodging the bullets of life matrix style and not just yawn.

But when your brains caught on an early 80’s song that wasn’t even a hit.  It’s a clue.  It’s a nagging that has tended to creep into life the last week or two here.  As a result… I decided to look at the signs and augaries and came to the conclusion – I needed to actually take the time to see where I was in my youth … and where I am today.  That took all of 20 minutes.  (Like I said, I’m not one for retrospection.)  Going on the internet to update all my internet data… took 2 days.  Thanks to Google, Reunion, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Yahoo, MSN Spaces, Classmates and probably 9 other sites out there… the process of insuring your history is recorded for old friends, prospective employers, credit collection agencies, stalkers and spammers is a bit tedious.  Since that was done I decided to indulge in the guilty pleasure that seems to be plague our society today… looking up everyone else I ever knew.

So if I’ve contacted you lately … right it off to some 80’s music trauma.

It began with the song, and then running across an old buddy from my days in High School Speech on line caused me to wonder what happened to the rest of the gang from the old neighborhood out there.  Okay – so let’s be fair.  This started probably about a moth or so ago … when I ran into another old high school chum by accident in a book store.  Now, I should say the name of an old high school chum… was in a bookstore.  As in … on a book.   A series of books actually.   imageApparently Chris is now somewhat of the J. K. Rowling of Mormon literature and even has a movie coming out, Passage to Zarahemla which he’s written and directed.   No real surprise to me – Chris was always a pretty talented guy. 

Since the name Heimerdinger isn’t exactly common … I had a pretty fair guess that it had to be the same guy.  Now Chris is not the first published author I know from the old school days (some listed below…).  But he was a hell of a competitor in speech and always had the kind of healthy competition attitude I loved to see.

So I felt the need to add him to my "friends lists". 

Now, I take a great deal of pride that I have no celebrity "friends" in any of my lists.  I either know you professionally, personally or we have in fact exchanged at the least emails.  So – adding Chris was natural.  Although placing him next to Warren Ellis is like punching a Nun or kicking a Puppy.  God will get me for that I’m pretty sure.  So as long as I was risking fate I figured… why stop there.  Let’s just dig up all the skeletons and friends out of the Google closet – right?  Find out what everyone is up to these days.

So it was only natural that I’d see what had happened to others I’d been in school with were up to.  The list was / is pretty impressive.  We’ve got Lori, who’s now a V.P. of a global educational software company.  Then we have Craig, who is now CEO of his own company after selling his old company to a global interest.  Which – ironically enough I actually had the ability to write some code to hook up to one of the products he designed a few years back and never knew it.  That was a kick in the butt to discover.  We’ve got Joe, who… has had several books published – and some quality spots with the Science Fiction book club.  Not to mention his blog that’s got a bit of a following. 

I can’t really leave this alone without mentioning that Nick Carter, who I knew briefly in Gillette is now running for Senate.  And he actually looked me up which I thought was kinda cool  (Go Nick!)  And as long as we’re digging up old buddies and pals from Gillette… there’s Mitch who’s now in TV for Fox (I believe) down in Texas.  And there’s Cricket Mcrae … who’s got a line of books coming out as well…

Which… if I’m shamelessly plugging all these people… it’s because I’m shamelessly plugging them.  I’ve made a point of tracking down a good half dozen others.  A lot of good people out there I’d all but forgotten about.  Unlike many people I’ll openly admit I was not always the best friend.  My basic excuse is that life’s complicated and I’ve got Aspergers … and besides I can keep coming up with excuses until everyone either accepts me for the scum I was/am or they pass out from exhaustion. No one’s perfect.  So you’ll just have to deal with the knowledge it’s probably been 30 years since you last knew me.  People change.  Deal with that knowledge as best you can.

Steve Forbert Romeo’s Tune

Each of them – and many many others I’m proud to have disgraced their lives with my presence.  So if I’m lost in a bit of nostalgia that’s understandable.  What isn’t … is my current obsession with the 3rd rate song from a less than successful album by a really obscure artist. 

I suppose it could be worse… it could have been "Romeo’s Tune".

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