Politics and Women…

09 May

I had someone lookin over my shoulder the other day – and noticed that Nick Carter  (another unabashed plug for you Nick… I really need to like hand out buttons or something… it’s embarassing) who I knew in High School – was a list on my facebook page.  This led to noticing Stephanie Herseth Sandlin… and that led to the envitable question… who I supported for President.  Ugh.  I avoid discussing things like this because politics, sex and religion are things that are all very personal and I prefer not to discuss publicly.  It’s just not good form – it’s rude and there is no way that it isn’t going to lead to some kind of disgruntlement.  So – I’m going to get it over with and say, the fact is I’m not a supporter of Hilary.  And no… I don’t mean Hilary Duff.  Granted – she phoned in her last performance that I saw – but that’s no reason to think she can’t do something with her career.  I’m referring to Hillary Clinton.

The resulting conversation from this led to me having to justify my lack of support not being because she’s a woman but because she’s just not the candidate for me.  I’m a huge supporter of women in politics – in fact I try to keep track of a number of candidates locally and globally I really think can to make some changes.   I personally think that Obama probably will push more change through that Hilary.  It’s not that she’s not a great candidate – I respect her highly.  But on the scale of change she’s a nudge… I need more than that.  And yes – I have read up on her views, as I have with a lot of politicians.  When you can’t sleep – the Internets a great tool for that – and lets face it I haven’t had 8 hours of sleep since 1974.

So here’s my list of women candidates/politicians that can make some changes.  Love’em – Hate’em – Disagree with me – fine.  This is my opinion and not a request for you to change your views.

The fact is women are changing the world – and Hilary is not the first woman to make change.  We here in the USA are a little slower than the rest of the world in accepting women as leaders but we are getting there.  I’ll just come right out and tell you – all of these women I’m mentioning are what we’d call here in America – liberal.  In some cases very very liberal by our standards. 

Why no conservatives?  Because it’s MY opinion – not someone elses.  Liberal opinions seem to favor the direction I feel I’d like to see more support for right now.  I happen to believe that the issues which need to shape the world the most right now are actualizing peace around the planet (I’m not a fan of wars, ours or anyone elses), getting a grip on the environment before Boston, New York, Miami and New Orleans require snorkels for subway commuters, education for children to keep things from going south again, and getting everyone the food, healthcare and freedom from fear they deserve… and of course – a solid economy to run it all on.  These women have spoken in favor of these very issues… so here’s my "Best of" list I’ve located so far…

Sandra Gardiner – is a member of the Canadian Parliment, out of Ontario.  I like her for a number of reasons – none the least of which is she is looking for change, believes in kids, healthcare and wants to see the world become a better place. 




Gina Parody – Senator – Columbia … Lawyer, Author, Senator – she’s very dedicated to changing things in Columbia for the better, protecting children, the poor, and made environmental health an issue down there.  Gina’s been a kind of force of nature in pushing through issues that matter, and making change not just in Columbia but in South America in general.




Anna Finocchiaro – President of Democratic Party in the Senate – Italy I’m gonna take a beating for this, since she was a communist.  But she’s very active and concerned about making changes in Italy that benefit people.  She’s a mover and a shaker in her own right and I expect her views on the role of people and the environment have something to do with her appeal to me.  I may change my mind later – but for now I really have to respect her. 




Helle Thorning-Schmidt – Former member of the EU, probably gonna be the next PM of Denmark.  This lady kicks some serious political butt.  ‘Nuff said.


And what of the women of American Politics?  I’ve had a few people that friends turned me on to … so I’ll include them below…



 Jackie Speier

Running for Congress  – California… I like what she’s saying about the economy, about the directions we need to go.  She’s been very agressive in looking to change things and I think this is another good opportunity to get some fresh life into an old situation.

Maria Cantwell




Senator – Washington State.

Once again, I like what she has to say on a lot of the issues that mean something to me.  Jobs, Children, the Environment and the Economy.

Barbara Boxer




Senator – California

Okay – how can I not be behind someone who lists for books on their facebook page, "Anything about global warming I can find…even the recent Supreme Court decision. Currently reading Exile by Richard North Patterson"




Stephanie Herseth Sandlin



Running for Senate – South Dakota…

I originally like her just because Nick did … but after doing some reading up it’s good to know Nick and I have a lot in common in what we see as needed.


And since I’m airing my political preferences … let’s also let it be known I like Herb Kohl.  Herb’s a friend of my family for many years, going back to a working friendship with my father and has always has earned my deepest respect.  So here’s a link to Herb for those cheesheads out there…

Herb Kohl

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