Cowboy Bebop… Live?

24 Jul

Well… the words about to go out – so if you haven’t heard it by now here it comes.

Cowboy Bebop is going to made into a live action film.  The guy helming the project is Erwin Stroff who brought us "A Scanner Darkly" which … is both good news and bad news y’know?    Good news is … the guy is very faithful to original works.  Bad news is… the guy is obsessed, and willing to make a film so cutting edge, so uber cool, so … well so "A Scanner Darkly" that it gets all kinds of awards but no one wants to watch it.

Ironically enough – I do see this film taking off, and taking off big time.  But no matter how it plays out – no one will be thrilled with the casting, the story or the way it’s being done I’m sure.  So here’s my 2 cents for casting suggestions…

Jett Black … gotta be Ron Perlman.  No one – no one can do the part more justice than he can.

Everyone else – I can’t get a solid lead on.  So I’m going to lean on them going with really talented unknowns.  Spike Seigel … I really don’t know.  I’ll be honest this is going to depend a lot on the script. Whoever takes this role and plays it – if they live it and breathe it – will be known for life as Spike.  They’ll own the screen – and they need to have that level of solid acting and commitment and also move like a liquid version of Jet Li. 

Faye Valentine … part of me says something like Angelina Jolie – but a bigger part of me says that’s too much overkill, and too big of a name.  When Angelinas on the screen – the role becomes her.  She’s a very dominating actress and I think that’s the last thing we want to see.  Whoever plays Faye has to let the role become the actor or they’ll never pull it off.  Angelina or a Charlize Theron is too much.  Although Charlize might be an interesting choice — but I’ll take an unknown for this one. 

Radical Edward … Needs to be really a solid actress first – very good with physical comedy and have the ability to bring that touch of sensitive almost sad / melancholia that’s there as an echo always replaced by limitless faith and optimism.  I’ll be honest in a way this role will be the hardest to peg for any actress of the age they’re looking for… once again an unknown would work best.

However it gets done – I’m going to have to see it.  I may love it – I may hate it – but I will see it.  Which is probably what they’re counting on. 

But what I 1000% insist … is that they gotta … absotully posilutely GOTTA … have Yoko Kano and the Seatbelts do the music or… let’s face it – it ain’t worth the price of a ticket.  Period.  End of discussion… cause the only thing hotter than the themes are the themes played live.  Don’t believe me?  Shut yer pie holes and click the links below.  You’ll see what I’m yappin about. 

The show was – probably still is now, what 15 years after it’s height of popularity – the most original, soulful and stunning sight and sound ever to come down the pike.  Not just as Anime, but frankly as any series TV or film.  And the music of the Seatbelts was always the most amazing part of every episode.



YouTube – The real folk blues – Seatbelts Live    

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