OLPC XP RTM now Official

25 Jul

Hey – for those who aren’t sure what the heck an RTM is … it stands for "Release To Market".  In the software trade that means your bazillion hours of pain, suffering, sweat, deceased brain cells are actually going to be put on shelves (or whatever the media that marketing has in mind) and people will actually have it in their hands.

As pointed out – I’m one of the behind the scenes geeks – so I can’t discuss half the coolness that goes on with the projects I get to work on unless someone else (approved, sanctioned, what have you) says it first.  James U … has another posting so I’ll share it with you all.

On another front in this area, Microsoft internally "RTM’ed" (Released to Manufacturing) the Windows XP version we are building for the OLPC XO computer. Windows on the XO looks like it is on track for availability in these types of national educational PC deals in September. We still have no plans to make Windows available for individuals who bought an XO in the Give 1 Get 1 program though.

So…. for those who have asked when they’re going to see all this coolness we’ve worked so hard on…. it’s on it’s way.

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