Whatever happened to Mikey??

19 Aug
What happened to Mikey??
I recently had a very good friend of mine for many years call me up and say, "I just got a request from a Mike November to add him to his friends list – it says it’s you.".
Twenty years of being careful.  All blown in a single change of my Live contacts list on Messenger.  Sigh….
What I had thought was easily the least kept secret of my life is now apparently coming to light for many.  I have more than one cyber identity.  Which, for some people is a bit weird.   Okay… it’s lots of weird for some people.  On one hand, I’m a mid-40s Program Manager for Software and IT conglomerates.  I’m known for being professional, agressive, and a "Get the Job Done – No Nonsense" IT geek. 
On the other hand, I’m also supposed to be a kind of gonzo game lovin’ I"ll never grow old Peter Pan computer and coffee sage.  An on-line superhero (literally). 
So it occurs to me I need to thoroughly distinguish myself as one or the other.  So … heres the deal.  This is Mikey’s space.  It always has been and it always will be.  If you’re a recruiter, or a hiring manager and you’re here looking for Robert Jakobson – you’re in the wrong place.  Jakobson does not live here. 
Go away… Shoo!  Away Foul Spirit!  Get Thee Hence Purveyor of Reality!  Begone with thee foul hellspawn!!
Here is the place where the 100 Acre Woods meets the Lost Boys tree, where dragons walk, and dreams take flights of fancy and Mike November exists in all his madness.  In other words – this is my private and personal web site for gaming and other fun and friends.  I will not respond to any work or job related requests, questions, queries, epithets, or even emails sent to Mike November, mnovember, etc.,  and so on.  I’m going to do my best to stop the spread of my work life into my non-work life.  Period.  End of discussion! 
As of today there will be no more talk of my work, my job, my career, my life, etc.  here. 
 For that… you’ll need to go to for any of that. 
We all clear on that?  Good.
I’ll be migrating my posts over there as soon as I can – and deleting all the dull and boring stuff from here.  (Oooh and maybe I an discuss my plans to rebuild the Kings Row Taxi’s over on and things that my dear buds will care about here? Could be… could be.  You just never know.)
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