Bad 80’s TV

18 Sep

I drug my son over to Youtube to check out some of the really bad TV effects we had back in the 80s after watching some of the TV of today and he remarked on how cheesy some of the video effects were.

After a few clips – we got into the discussion of how they’re done and I mentioned we had all the toys to do not just the cheesy effects but the relatively good ones you see on tv.  The next thing I know he’s got me showing him how to use AfterEffects and some other toys.

Here are a couple clips we tossed out there…

Obviously – we’d want to actually shoot this with "real" video of cars or whatever and this is just the first test of this – but you get the idea.  In the clip below we added that for the KRTS stuff I did a while back.  Both clips were done in less than an hour of my time – actually the clouds/space death ray above took around 20 minutes and the one below was around 10-15 minutes to pull together.

The just goes to show you that yes, with very little creativity you could do some cool effects.  I’ve decided to actually expand on this and show him how to do them right – and give them a more pro appearance so get used to the clips as we do more this month with them.

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