Arrrgh! When Life meets Work…

20 Sep

I’ve always had a hard time separating my work identity with my real life.  And although recently I made a point of trying to make sure work (Ctrl-Alt Deflate over at and this site didn’t interact I’m going to break that rule a bit.

I’ve been having so much fun with Andrew Kramer’s work over at Video ( with Adobe After Effects that I’ll be putting some of the toys I’m playing with for some work related stuff up over here.  I’m including one of my first eforts here – which is a twister in good ol’Rock Springs.  Which – it may seem like picking on Rock Springs but there’s something rewarding about inflicting mayhem to my old homestead.  I think anyone who ever had to sit through a high school class or had teen angst has at one time envisioned a meteor, tornado or atomic blast hitting their home town. 

I’m thinking it’s a cultural thing – probably more true of men than women, but ask any guy if they ever imagined anything like that and 9 times out of 10 the answers going to be yes.  But since I’m starting out small – this is mostly a paper filled dust devil.  Here’s test #3 –

have some fun with it.

For those wondering – let me just answer the following questions right up front…

1) Yes… this is actually what my old home town looks like.  This is one of the exits off I-80.

2) Yes – it probably IS that windy there all the time and in fact I’ve seen this kind of dust devil on more than one occasion.

3) Yes it’s  still photo I grabbed off the internet. 

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