When people fly… and the world doesn’t look the same anymore.

28 Sep


Got 3 video clips below…

The first – is a video set extension.  Now – this was a very quickie done with a camera set on a fence post and the matte was done in about 15 minutes. 

Here’s a quick before and after.

image image

Now on the left – you got the original.  On the right – we have new trees, mountains and so on.  Now – cool as this may be why on earth would you take the time to do this?  Because with a little smarts you might do your work once and have the ability to based on a users imageimagepreferences be able to change advertisements on the fly in video content for users on the web.  So that instead of me just walking – it might instead be me walking past a billboard. 

Or even walking someplace that you want to have the user go someday.  Now the technology to do this is already here.  As I pointed out this took me – what 10 minutes to do a simple matte painting.  A bit more work and the content that you can create can be very clean and crisp.  It’s a question of putting in the amount of effort you want to put into this.  Content will become more and more important as more and more people turn to the Internet for free entertainment.  The better we make the content, the more people will be flocking to us.

Here’s the video from that goes along with the clips above.


Now – what all can we do with content?  Well just for fun … my son asked if I could show him how to do the "Superman runs and flies off" thing from Smallville.  Which is, surprisingly pretty simple to pull off.  First you’ll need some simple footage of someone running… then have them jump as high as they can.  Once you have that, go to the frame with the highest portion of the jump.  You ‘ll need to take that frame and copy it to a editor.  You’ll need to clip out just the person in mid jump and leave the background transparent.

Once you have that copy it back into your composition software.  Place it on the image, at a spot after the person running is now completely out of the shot.  Begin from the highest jump frame – stretch the image and begin to adjust it over the five or six frames that take the image out of the shot.  Add some motion blur – and if you want to be fancy add some particle effects and a sound effect.  (See video clip #2). 


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