What we have to be thankful for….

25 Nov

I have bills.  A lot of bills.  I’ve had to once again, like most of us, look for a new job.  In the last few months I’ve had one vehicle destroyed in an accident, and another succumb to age and alternating applications of duct tape, bailing wire and sheer will to remain functioning.  I’ve come to the conclusion the “Service Engine Soon” light operates in the “Within the next year” time timezone.

My daughter needs dental work.  My back may need more than just a few hours laying down to repair itself, and we won’t get into how many times I’ve had to ask someone in the room to read a label because the last prescription for my glasses was written by Hippocrates, and I need to get a health care plan that’s actually useful.

I owe the IRS more money than I care to consider.  I am coming up on 47 and I have to wonder how many more years I have not until retirement but until I actually start saving for it.  In short… I’m an average American.  I have problems – but I’m struggling through them.  I don’t discuss them because frankly they read like a bad dramedy and I hate dramedies with the same passion I hate most films by Jim Carey.  (The man has a ton of talent.  It’s a shame his ego overshadows that talent… sometimes less is more Jim.  Sometimes less is more.)

I am however, like most Americans, thankful this year.

I am thankful that I’ve survived another year.  By hook, by crook and by the often unimaginable shifting fates of the universe… we made it here at the house of November.  I’m thankful that although my truck is demolished, my daughter was unscathed.  I’m thankful that the worst problem I have with her… is a cavity.  I’m thankful for my amazing son – who – has challenged his educational difficulties and reversed them to do things I’ll be honest… I didn’t think he could.  I’m thankful he and my daughter are my best friends – one could ask for no better. 

I’m thankful that my wife allowed me the patience needed to take on the OLPC project for Microsoft even though we knew it would make things tight for us financially.  (Yeah, I took a pay cut to work that one…. but we both believed in the goals.)  I’m incredibly thankful for the insanely talented friends and workers that I had the joy to share that project with… I’ve said it all too many times – but guys, we really shook the pillars of heaven on that.  You made the world a better place for 3 billion children.  🙂

I’m thankful that we’re having a thanksgiving – and that… I have a job when so many others out there are still looking. 

I’m thankful that like all storms – the debris from this last year will take time to clean up, but I have my family and cleaning is something we’ve always done together and enjoyed.

I give to you – my friends on line – this great wish… that no matter where you are, or what you are doing this thanksgiving you know that our thoughts and support are always with you here.

That I am thankful for all of you as well.

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