Project Status Template deux

22 Jan

Got a ping from someone asking if the Project Status Email Template could do …. MS Project inserts.


Indeed you can – but it is a bit tricky.  As you can see from the screen shot – the end result in an email looks pretty well… cool.  image

Some caveats – first of all – you gotta have MS Project on the machine to insert an MS Project Object into the template.  So that’s a bigge – because you’re actually inserting an MS Project Object into the email. 

The other users – will not need to have MS Project installed – because the areas you have showing will become images.  The same is true for excel spreadsheets and other embedded inserts.

So … how do we do this? 

Real simple… first we’re going to create our template – just like in the last blog posting.  But where you want to Insert the MS Project (place the cursor where you want it in the file – it’s easier than moving this later) … then click on the “Insert” tab and select “Object”.






Now – this will bring up the Object menu.  Scroll down the list to Microsoft Office Project Document and Click “OK”.  This will embed the object into your email template.


Once embedded – you’ll need to adjust the various values to your liking.  But… what’s that you say?  “Oh NOES!!!  I DON’T WANT TO PUT IN ALL THAT DATA AGAIN!!”.  Then don’t.

You simply open your Project Plan.. copy the rows… and then open the email template – and copy them in there.  It really is that simple. You will need to adjust the viewing area displayed – the Height and Width to reflect the email but – updating it is pretty simple.  And the results make you look great as you can see.

So … save yourself a ton of time, a ton of effort – and template. 


You can find this file here:

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