Something wicked this way….

09 Sep
Portal Tranisiton Demo

had someone ask me why they hadn’t seen me do anything with video or actually “post” anything but writings and musings in a while – and rest assured I will post more stuff very soon – so here’s the beginnings of some of the effects for a side project I’m working on. 

This is a bit of the standard glowing warping portal – and this is the pt 1 version – before all the toys have been added so to speak. 

It’s really only 4 layers – 2 particle layers that have had turbulent displacement applied, one which has a shine imageeffect applied to generate the white/wispy/glowy globlets – the other uses the turbulent to give it the liquid look.  In this version – it’s appearing before it’s cover effect so you can see that early on in the shot.   If I didn’t have a cover effect coming – I’d probably drop in a gradual progression so that it kind of fades in – possibly even with a dissolve like Star Trek transporter type look to bring it in gradually.

Just for reference – I’ll probably be using a variant on that as a cover effect – or perhaps a ground pounding blast – hard to say – I want to see what I can bring out of the image and I’ll know more.  Since I’m dealing with a relatively bright natural light shot it makes it more difficult to sell effects.  Go too much – and they get cartoonish – go too little and they lack impact or look cheesy.  It’s a hard balance in unforgiving light values.  The upside to doing effects with natural light is of course that they also can help you sell the effect. 

In this case, I’ve duped the video layer with Haakon and I – created a nice matte, and then applied turbulent displacement to that, and by varying the opacity and using an expression to handle thimageat layers turbulent displacement – we use the natural light to help sell the effect by warping whatever comes into the “field” of the portal.   Notice how we’ve got that nice ‘”pop bottle glass” warping illusion as I enter the portal?  That’s all that is. 

In fact all of the effects work on this clip here was done in about 30 minutes or so – using some footage I had been playing around with of just Haakon and I on the drive in front of the house.  To remove the shadow of me as I enter the portal (yes my shadow warps and fades out too) was nothing more than using a gradient alpha on the photoshop’d still frame I used to cover me up.  I use another photoshop element here – and you can see the momentary bump – to freeze Haakon and hide me walking back to the camera.

Mind you the finished version of this will not use this footage.  In fact, the finished version of this effect will most likely be stored as an object I can reuse for a variety of effects – but the finished version of the demo here will be completely different footage.  The effect – I’ll be able to basically drag and drop on to footage and use when i need a portal or something along those lines and I’ll keep repeating that until I see it happen.  😀

All joking aside – I realized that much of the video effects I’ve done I can reuse on other footage so I’m trying to create a small library of good effects that can be reused and this is one of them.  I’ll get them posted when I’m done so people can play with them if they like.

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