Getting Called On the Future…

07 Jun

Got a couple emails recently about some of the claims I’ve made about how soon technology is going to change.  Specifically on the way that just around the corner we’ll be seeing computers that can read minds and all kinds of science fictiony stuff and do I really buy that or am I just full of … well, lets not be polite here I believe the exact expression was … “full of crap”.

So – just for those doubting Thomas’ out there who don’t believe we’ll have a computer with a Direct Neural Interface any time soon… not only is it soon it’s NOW.  You can buy a somewhat primitive version of what I’ve been describing for the reasonably low price of about $150 or less. 

A company call OCZ makes a Neural Interface Actuator for video games – allows you to control much of your game just using your mind.  Well – actually your mind and the muscles in your head – using a lightweight headband that reads your neural activity and changes it into mouse/game movements.  And – I might add the products been out there now for … about 2-3 years.  It’s fairly well developed and far from a “proto-type”.  So this particular form of Brain Computer Interface already exists today, and its’ mass marketed already.

How good is it? 

Well for 75% of the people out there they’re going to find this to be beyond belief and the stuff of spooky science fiction.  The rest of us know it’s only really a first generation level device.  It doesn’t exactly connect you up to anything.  Yes, there is a directly neural interface and no – it doesn’t require a chip implant to make it work.  Just a headband. 

So … for those wondering how close the future of the next – the really truly “next” generation of computing is  – it’s here, just as I said, happening in small chunks here and there – until one day – you wake up and say, “I remember when ….”

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