new things…

22 Dec

So… on the way to work – an idea sprang to mind about a guy who wakes up and discovers he’s been replaced.  Then realized it’d been done.  And done.  And done.  And done. 

So went and found another idea and it’d been done.  And done.  And done.

So ran another idea… done.

And another… done.

And… done.

So… finally … here’s the concept for an original story – are you ready? 

“Stephen Hawking quits his job at Cambridge  – goes on a trip of personal exploration and winds up teaching High School Science Classes to kids in the inner city.  “   

Really… that’s the idea.  Which is why I don’t pitch television show ideas… and why just because something is a “new” idea – it’s not a good idea.

The sad part is – someone out there may see this – and I cringe at the thought it’ll be on the next fall line up on some network. 

We live in dark desperate times – and someone – someone in their dark tortured soul that cries out at night in painful anguish and mewling like a sopping conjunctive kitten drowned in the wash of life that they lack the muse of popular approval… will find merit in any idea so long as it’s ‘new’. 

This is why “Skating with the Stars” exists.

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