new blog / website design

25 Dec

I’ve been threatening to update both the web site and the blog site for a better part of the last year.  Naturally with Christmas coming I’ve actually had some time to sit in front of the computer for just “me” – and my family was nice enough to get me a new desktop, which has helped a lot since I now have a wide screen monitor for my work.

Here’s a little snippet of what’s to come…



For those wondering – yes… it is based off the basic layout from an tuts+ PSD to WordPress tutorial by 

The background image Καφωδείον το Ελληνικόν, is on Flickr and can be found in several versions at:  It’s of Two men playing backgammon in the coffee shop "Καφωδείον το Ελληνικόν" in Thessaloniki, Greece, and is under the creative commons license (with attribution), which I’ll do better than and plug it directly both here and on the site because I really loved the original (below).  If it wasn’t for the fact that I really needed a different color tone I’d have considered making no changes to it at all.




Anyway, this is where we’re heading with the blog and the site  – a kind of merging of the two factors.  Easier to maintain and easier to keep up to date with.  That is, anyway the goal.

Well it’s December 25th officially … another Christmas has come, by the season bring peace, prosperity and joy to you all. 

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