Getting Job Hunts Organized

10 Aug

If you’ve worked in the IT Industry at all, then you know that recruiters are a part of the game.  And you also know, that if you do any job hunting at all, once your resume gets posted out there  — they will come for you.  Like armies of the undead, and swarm you with the same 10 questions over and over and over, and endless requests for your resume (even though they have a copy of your resume).

imageSo… I built a web site, and off the web site, I built special pages JUST for recruiters, with big links off every page – one for my resumes, and one for recruiters. – just click on the links for Resumes or Recruiters.  Now I just send them there.

One problem with building a better mouse trap. The Mice start making requests – and you tend to get more mice.  Eventually, you will have completely forgotten which positions you applied for, and which ones you turned down, and … it’s a mess.

Now, for years, I’ve kept a spreadsheet.  Recently the number of calls from recruiters asking me to look up a specific position or a position id to make sure I haven’t been double submitted got out of hand.  So, I built a couple tools to imagefix that.  One is web site, and any recruiter can see how many positions I’ve been contacted about, and what their status (as far as I’m concerned) is.  You can check it out yourself off the recruiters page – which will pull up the database … yes… I have now had to create a database for this, and automate it.

So far, everything is maybe a bit OCD… but it really works well for recruiters.  Which leads to a question a recruiter asked me recently via email which is how I update it so quickly. 


If you send me an email about a job, often times it may be in my database of open positions before you can call me, and it’s already been listed as something “Active” etc., other recruiters can even find the position id in the search if they check it.  I was told it was “creepy but kinda cool”, and “How does it do that?”.  Most of us who have worked in the industry for very long know the truth.  It’s magic.  It’s really really complicated magic.

Okay, so … no it’s not.  And it’s not even all that complicated.

The answer is simple – I’ve begun automating the process of job hunting with a few imageapps I’ve written.  One, reads emails – and determines if it’s a job offer, the other then populates a form, which allows me to just click a button, fill out a form by auto-reading the email, and then submits it to my database in one of several statuses which I choose.

And that… is how I finally got organized with my job hunt and why it seems like I can respond instantly.  I can’t really.  It just seems that way, which, I guess… is a pretty good advertisement for getting a job.

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