November’s Notes

Years ago… in a time far far away, when modems ruled the Internet…

There was an unruly and surly creature that made his living by writing web pages and making noises that sometimes people would pay for, and more often than not… they didn’t.

This creature was called “Mike November” and he would post the most outlandish and childish sayings and doings.  In time, like all things which exist on the internet… he faded away.  He is still rumored to exist in strange and unknown places.


One response to “November’s Notes

  1. rjakobson

    June 21, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    November’s Notes, alas, have gone away… which isn’t to say they might not come back, but for the time being Mike November has silently slid off into the dark recesses of worlds unknown and will be dealt with in a manner more fitting his … it’s… place in society.


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