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Caution … Traffic Merging…

In my closet I’ve got an official “I Downloaded.  Midnight August 13, 1996” Midnight Madness T-Shirt. image It should come as no shock to anyone… that I’m a big early adopter of almost anything Microsoft’s done that was web related.

That included having my own “space” on MSN … which later became my “Live” space… and is now… a WordPress Blog after many many years.  I suppose on some level I should be happy because I’m able to reduce my blog locations… and it’s not like I used it that much, but it will be missed. 

Like many things on the web they eventually fade away.   Spaces was, for Microsoft, an important marker on the information highway.  For those who want to form communities – there’s still, and there’s the, and the rest of the family.


I could have hung onto the old blog there – for a while anyway.  But the migration process was painless and offered me the chance to merge with my existing WordPress blogs in a 1-2-3 step that was painless and easy.  So it seemed best to merge them now and get it done.

So for those expecting to see my old site who are directed here… well now you know the story.  Mike November’s Notes… have officially been moved here.  I’ll set up a special area just for Mikey in time – he’s not going anywhere.  But, it’ll take a while. 

Changes happen, events in life shift, and merge… like this blog.

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